Elephant mobile… FINALLY!

I’m a little late getting this posted but it’s here at last!

I kid you not, I started working to make the perfect elephant mobile for Keelin’s nursery since early into my 2nd trimester. I had the perfect plan laid out, all of my materials chosen {thanks to a fantastmastic sale at JoAnn fabric}, and a vision that was too cute for words. BUT, no matter how many different ways I tried, I couldn’t get it to turn out the way I wanted.  Today I’m going to walk you through ALL of my fails {there were plenty} and finish with a BANG and my FINAL success!

Here goes nothing…

My initial inspiration came from the same bedding photo I mentioned in my elephant painting post back in October.

I loved the geometric elephant shape so much I wanted to turn it into a mobile.  I opted not to get the mobile that came with the snickerdoodle bedding we chose because, while the giraffes were adorable, I wanted to stick with the elephant theme AND I knew I could create something super cute without spending $50.

I grabbed myself a handfull of colorful patterns, cut out my shapes and started sewing.

The beige burlap pattern was a perfect match for the nursery and the multicolored ears seemed like a great way to incorporate a tone of color and stimulation without clashing with the rest of the room.

Unfortunately for me, the type of fabric that I chose just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to.

The edges were fraying, the stitching didn’t look right, and my dream mobile started slipping away each time I would try something different. Finally I realized it wasn’t how I was making the elephants, it was what they were being made out of.  I did some searching online and found almost exactly what I was looking for on the fabulous blog, My Sunrise, Sunshine & Sunset. I shot Mrs Julius an email to get some details and the answer was magically revealed… FELT!

Love the mirror detailing!

As you can see in the photo above I ended up with two mobiles! Keelin loves the one above the changing table and I’m still finding the perfect spot for the second… probably above the crib in some way.

I’m so happy with the way they turned out and so thankful that I found a way to make it happen for WELL UNDER the price of most bedding set mobiles! So much so that I’ve mocked up some other patterns perfect for any nursery! Chicks, paisleys, hearts, stars, clouds, you name it! I’m hoping to start an Etsy shop in the near future and make these for other mommies and soon-to-be mommies.

Until next time…

So what do you think? Would you buy one for your little one’s nursery?

Baptizing the Bean

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend like we did!

Saturday was a wonderful and exciting day as the hubs, the pups, the bean and I gathered with friends and family to celebrate Keelin’s baptism! Well, we left the pups at home, but they were there for the after party back at the house.

The day started out a bit too gloomy for my taste but by the time we arrived at the church the sun was shining and the sky was filled with beautiful white fluffy clouds. Quite the perfect setting for such a special service.

Before heading to the church I dressed Keelin in a footed ballerina onesie {I know that’s TECHNICALLY NOT what they are called but if it’s one piece, it should be called a onesie… okay Gerber?!?} that snapped up the front because I wanted to keep her christening gown as wrinkle {and spit up} free as possible and I knew it would throw her into a hissy fit if I had to lift anything over her head while changing her. Although I’m convinced she is one of the happiest babies on the planet, there is one thing she absolutely cannot stand, and that’s changing clothes. That’s when I hear her best screams! But I digress…


The change into her christening gown went without a single fuss or tear {kudos to me} and Keelin looked quite adorable. The gown she wore was not only the gown I was baptized in, but it originally belonged to my mother’s father. I didn’t get a very good picture of it but the the delicate lace details are absolutely beautiful and she looked like quite the little angel! Here’s a shot I took a few days before when we first tried it on.

What did I say… absolute angel, right?!?

Z’s mother also  her a beautiful bonnet that ended up being slightly too big but we put it on her anyway since it was so cute.

We had a lovely group of friends and family there to share in the day and we couldn’t have been more thankful for their presence for such a special occasion. Keelin is TRULY loved!

She was a little past due for her morning BM so I was slightly concerned that she would totally let it rip in the middle of a prayer or in the priests arms {do you think that’s considered blasphemous?} but thankfully she had impecable timing and dropped a nice load right before the service started. My daughter the genius… always planning ahead!

She only cried for a minute or two during the service and surprisingly it was NOT while the priest was pouring water on her head! I actually think that was her favorite part!

I did have to giggle when she was crying because she it seemed her tears were contagious as her mass buddy Ruthie started wailing as well. It was a classic case of baby see baby do, I suppose. They’re best buds for life!

a little blurry but still cute

Other than that the service was absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, or a better weekend for that matter!  There’s nothing quite as wonderful as feeling {and SEEING} the love from friends and family, during such a special occasion!

with the amazing Father Flanagan.

notice the open mouth and blurry arm… this is when the tears came!

Until next time… 

The winner of my favorite picture of the day:



Another week and another fun photo session for the bean.

I’m so in love with the adorable Valentine’s Day bow that Allison from Rowe Bows sent us. Keelin loved it too. Not once did she try to swat it off her head!

And in case you were wondering… yes, I did have to bring out my secret weapon to have a successful photo shoot.

She was still a squirmy worm {as you can tell from her blurry right side in this week’s picture… I couldn’t resist not posting that smile!} but at least she was happy!

Today I’m going to talk less about the bean’s accomplishments for the week {which consist mostly of meeting more people and getting better and better at holding her head up by herself} and more about something Z and I started thinking about last night. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get too heavy too fast.

For our first Valentine’s day as parents, Z and I ordered from our favorite take out joint, popped open a bottle of Moscato blush, and indulged in some homemade chocolate fondu and strawberries while watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. I know it came out forever ago and most of you have probably already seen it but we just now got around to Red Boxing it and it was fantastic! See it if you haven’t already.
At the end of the movie Z and I engaged in a normal post movie critique/discussion and came upon an eye-opening discovery. Amidst the chit-chat about how ridiculous it was for a 17-year-old to {SPOILER ALERT} take naked pictures of herself for a 40-year-old married man we both looked at Keelin and back at each other with the same look on our faces. A look that said… HOLY CRAP, WE’RE PARENTS!
Don’t get me wrong, of course we’ve known we are parents from the moment Keelin was born but it wasn’t until we  watched a movie with a number of crazy parenting decisions and STUPID actions by children that it really hit us like a ton of bricks. By the end of the movie Keelin was asleep in my lap and it was all I could do to look down at her tiny little body and think…

She is going to be a teenager one day.
She is going to have her first crush one day.
She is going to fall in love one day.
She is going to make a really stupid decision based on an infatuation with the dad of the kids she babysits for. {ok… that’s not actually what I thought, but you get the picture}

This tiny thing that I’ve been staring at for the past 7 weeks is slowly {but quickly} growing up to be her very own person. She is learning things from Z and I, from her grandparents, from our friends, and from the rest of the world, that will influence who she will become in the not-so-distant future.

Like I said… HOLY CRAP!

Then we started thinking about how much our lives have changed over the past 5-10-15 years.

5 years ago, we hadn’t met one another yet.

10 years ago we were 14 and 15, just starting high school, thinking about the prospect of being able to drive a car.

15 years ago we were having slip n slide birthday parties and getting made fun of by the bullies in elementary school.

And look at us now. We are living our happily ever after lives with a beautiful house, two overly flatulent Boston Terriers, and a baby that couldn’t be more perfect. A baby that we are responsible for from here on out {none of that “until she’s an adult” crap… she’s my baby forever… even when she starts having babies of her own… HOLY CRAP SHE’S GOING TO BE A MOTHER ONE DAY!} My oh my how our lives so quickly change.

Ugh… see what I mean about things getting heavy?

So yeah. It was a night of eye-opening realizations, reminiscing, chocolate fondu, Ryan Gosling, and looking into the future. Who knew Valentine’s Day could be DEEP.

Until next time…

Any new parents out there come to one of these realizations recently? What triggered it?


Happy six weeks baby girl!

What a fun-filled photoshoot we had this week! And when I say ‘fun-filled’ I really mean ‘tear-filled’. Keelin was NOT HAVING IT. Not one bit of it. Not the polkadots, not the bow, and definitely not being out of mommy’s arms. But I eventually got this shot of her royal cuteness.

nothing like a little bunny hop action to start your day off right!!!

It took some sneaky tactics to get her to calm down and keep the bow on her head, primarily the critically acclaimed hair dryer:

While she may look frightened, she’s really loving it! The noise and heat calm her down so I was able to snap more pictures like the one above and less like this:

Victory! 10 points mom, 0 points tears.

It’s been another exciting week for the little bean! Now that I think about it, I guess anything beyond being curled in the fetal position would be exciting to someone who is only six weeks old, but for the sake of keeping things entertaining, we’ll emphasize the excitement!

Keelin keeps surprising me with how strong she is every time she consistently holds that bobble head upright. It usually happens when I prop her up on my shoulder and she feels the need to look around at everything behind me. It cracks me up when she gets fixated on something, gets her head REALLY steady and then headbutts my face. Yes I laugh at my child’s expense. She’ll appreciate my light-hearted attitude later in life when I decide not to ground her for coming in past curfew due to the fact that I witnessed her tripping up the stairs during her attempt to sneak in undetected.

On Thursday our tiny family went to a CALLBACK for an HGTV/Home Depot promo. Z’s agent called to tell us that she sumbitted us for a yard makeover show and after writing up a little blurb about ourselves and our LAME back yard, they decided they wanted to see more! I mean honestly, can you blame them? So we drove to a local casting agent’s office and did a video interview. Keelin slept through the whole thing but was mentioned a few times during our filming. *Say a little prayer that they pick us {there were a TON of couples at the call backs} so we can get a FREE backyard makeover compliments of HGTV and Home Depot!

Let’s see… what else.

It seems to be a reoccurring event but Keelin once again met a SLEU of new friends this week. Former work buddies, current work buddies {aka, the entire office!}, church friends, {including the adorable baby Ruthie who will no doubt be a lifelong playmate}, family friends, and the entire SIDEWAYS dance company! She basically slept through every “meeting” except for the when we visited the dance company… where she fussed, wiggled, continuously kicked her socks off and showed her love by dropping a load in her diaper while in the hands of sweet Susanna. Clearly, hers were the most comfortable arms.

But by far the BIGGEST event of the week for Keelin would have to be purchasing her first car. Well, she was there {sleeping} when mom and dad purchased their first family car. We are now the owners of a BEAUTIFUL candy apple red 2011 Ford FLEX. It’s totally GORGEWUAH {gor-gg-wah} and the ultimate COOL MOM RIDE. No seriously…

See… cool mom! That’s me!

But why the Ford FLEX, you might ask? Basically, Z and I realized pretty quickly that we would need more room for our expanding family. While it’s just the three of us now we’re hoping to have a small soccer team in the future and, given the fact that Keelin’s carseat and stroller already take up MOST of my Toyota Matrix without even blinking, we figured we may as well make a purchase now that will last us through many more trips to the labor and delivery room. The FLEX is a dream and will have no problem accommodating the Pierce Family Circus. Keelin showed her approval by soundly sleeping through not one but TWO test drives and an hour-long signing process that stretched THROUGH her lunch time. She’s a fan.

Until next time…

In case you’re just joining us… check out where I got my weekly onesie inspiration from and get your own stylish bow from Rowe Bows!