5 weeks old and amazing me every single day!


This week had been filled with a number of exciting events for Keelin Bean including turning ONE MONTH old on Friday! I can’t believe it’s already been a month!

We had a number of new visitors come over to meet Keelin for the first time and while she loved seeing the new faces, I think her most EXCITING visit was over the weekend! Grammie and Grandaddy came to visit Friday through Monday and she loved every minute of it! Needless to say it was three days filled with LOTS of snuggling and chit-chat… for example:

I swear my dad isn't drunk, I'm just that good at photography!

Sunday was quite an exciting day as Keelin not only took her first ride in the stroller… around the park down the street from us… but during tummy time she rolled over on to her back all by herself! Just over a month old and doing somersaults {kind of}. My child, the genius. Of course no one was expecting it so we didn’t catch it on video…next time we’ll be ready!
The bean ALSO went for her first test drive! Z and I are possibly looking at getting new car this year {with Keelin’s arrival it’s become quite evident that we need MORE travel space!} so we took Keelin with us to test drive a BEAUTIFUL Ford Flex {love}. We wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for the car seat so we strapped her in for the test drive. PLENTY of room and I think she definitely appreciated the smooth evening ride!

She is amazing me more and more each day and her STRENGTH blows my mind! Last night she was lying on my chest and decided she did NOT want to be lulled to sleep, but wanted to look around. She picked her head up and scanned the room. I’d say she held her head up for a solid 3 minutes straight. I was so impressed. The hubs wasn’t nearly as shocked as I was but I think that probably had something to do with the fact that he was trying to go to sleep and I kept yelling out, “Oh my GAWD, look at her! It’s been a full minute! Seriously, look! I swear it’s been like 2 minutes! Baby, look at her holding her head up. She’s been doing it for like 5 days straight!!!”. That’s not annoying at all, is it?

Keelin also went SHOE SHOPPING for the first time yesterday! She didn’t find anything she liked, mostly because her eyes were closed the whole time, but she did help me pick out a lovely new pair of black flats. 🙂

Her personality is coming out more and more each week and the newest thing {along with lots of smiles, coos, and giggles} is that she gets a kick out of sneezing. She usually has two big sneeze in a row {just like her mamma} and then she laughs at herself. I can’t get enough and spend most of the day secretly hoping she needs to sneeze!

In other news… my dear friend Andrea is engaged!!!! Yep, that Andrea! Not only am I out of my mind ecstatic for her because she’s one of my closest friends, her engagement also confirms that I’m an awesome matchmaker! Yes, I introduced Andrea to her future hubby. 1,000,000 points for me! Although I’m super impressed with my own badass skills in the LOVE department, I think my matchmaking days are over. That way I can say I have a 100% success rate and NOT  be lying! Yep, I rule!!!

Until next time…



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