Baptizing the Bean

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend like we did!

Saturday was a wonderful and exciting day as the hubs, the pups, the bean and I gathered with friends and family to celebrate Keelin’s baptism! Well, we left the pups at home, but they were there for the after party back at the house.

The day started out a bit too gloomy for my taste but by the time we arrived at the church the sun was shining and the sky was filled with beautiful white fluffy clouds. Quite the perfect setting for such a special service.

Before heading to the church I dressed Keelin in a footed ballerina onesie {I know that’s TECHNICALLY NOT what they are called but if it’s one piece, it should be called a onesie… okay Gerber?!?} that snapped up the front because I wanted to keep her christening gown as wrinkle {and spit up} free as possible and I knew it would throw her into a hissy fit if I had to lift anything over her head while changing her. Although I’m convinced she is one of the happiest babies on the planet, there is one thing she absolutely cannot stand, and that’s changing clothes. That’s when I hear her best screams! But I digress…


The change into her christening gown went without a single fuss or tear {kudos to me} and Keelin looked quite adorable. The gown she wore was not only the gown I was baptized in, but it originally belonged to my mother’s father. I didn’t get a very good picture of it but the the delicate lace details are absolutely beautiful and she looked like quite the little angel! Here’s a shot I took a few days before when we first tried it on.

What did I say… absolute angel, right?!?

Z’s mother also  her a beautiful bonnet that ended up being slightly too big but we put it on her anyway since it was so cute.

We had a lovely group of friends and family there to share in the day and we couldn’t have been more thankful for their presence for such a special occasion. Keelin is TRULY loved!

She was a little past due for her morning BM so I was slightly concerned that she would totally let it rip in the middle of a prayer or in the priests arms {do you think that’s considered blasphemous?} but thankfully she had impecable timing and dropped a nice load right before the service started. My daughter the genius… always planning ahead!

She only cried for a minute or two during the service and surprisingly it was NOT while the priest was pouring water on her head! I actually think that was her favorite part!

I did have to giggle when she was crying because she it seemed her tears were contagious as her mass buddy Ruthie started wailing as well. It was a classic case of baby see baby do, I suppose. They’re best buds for life!

a little blurry but still cute

Other than that the service was absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, or a better weekend for that matter!  There’s nothing quite as wonderful as feeling {and SEEING} the love from friends and family, during such a special occasion!

with the amazing Father Flanagan.

notice the open mouth and blurry arm… this is when the tears came!

Until next time… 

The winner of my favorite picture of the day:


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