Thoughts while getting a drink

While plowing through a sewing session yesterday I found myself spiraling through in an unexpected series of events while engaging in the oh-so-simple task of quenching my thirst.  Here’s where my brain took me.

Man, I’m thirsty.
     (looks at water on craft table)
Um, I think that’s been here for like three days. Better get a fresh glass. Continue reading

SmartMom Feature: Dealing with Opposition While Preparing for Natural Childbirth

When my husband and I announced that we were expecting our first child we were thrilled and touched to receive countless well wishes and messages of encouragement.


“You two are going to make wonderful parents!”

“So happy for you both!”

“We’re so excited for your new adventure!”

There was nothing better than feeling like we had an army of friends and family who were going to be a steadfast support system during this new chapter of our lives.  We felt so incredibly blessed!

Then we decided that we wanted to have a non-medicated, husband-coached, ‘natural’ birth using The Bradley Method ©. As we begun preparing for natural childbirth, suddenly congratulations turned into are you nuts?

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