Hump Day Bump Day – 39 weeks and READY TO POP

I’m actually a little surprised that I’m writing this post at all {was REALLY hoping she would be here by now} but I guess it’s better than being 2 weeks late. Sweet lord PLEASE don’t let me be 2 weeks late!

The doctor’s apt on Monday went really well and the midwife keeps saying how excited she is to deliver Keelin. She also said, just by feeling, that Keelin was sunny side up {facing up with the back of her head toward my spine… still safe for natural delivery but tends to cause a lot of back labor and more pain} so she gave me a ‘shifting position’ to try and lay in to get her to roll over. It’s not the most comfortable position, especially the first time trying it out, but basically entails getting as far over ON my stomach as possible. She said that it basically squashes her face into the bed {or whatever I’m laying on} so she’ll want to roll over and be more comfortable. The first few times I did it I was extremely uncomfortable but it was actually a nice and relaxing way to lay last night so I’m hoping that means she’s shifted. Like I said, I can still deliver her naturally without any problem but it’s not the “ideal” position for her to be in.

I’m getting SO MANY tips on how to induce labor and have tried basically all of them. Castor Oil is not an option. YUCK! SO… here’s hoping that I don’t have a 40 week update for you NEXT Wednesday!

Here we go…

putting my new SIDEWAYS sweatshirt to the test!!! STRETCH!!!! Pardon my gross face and hair. This is was maternity leave looks like šŸ™‚

*How far along? 39 weeks 2 days today!

*Total weight gain/loss: Still healthy!

*How big is baby? 19 to 22 inches, 7ish lbs .

*Maternity clothes? Once I went on maternity leave I started living in my leggins and baggy sweaters šŸ™‚

*Stretch Marks? None šŸ™‚

*Best moment this week? MY MOM ARRIVED! It’s been great having her around the house to help with baby prep while Z is at work. ALSO, finishing the SIDEWAYS dance show was kind of the final thing I needed to “do” before Keelin could come. Now that it’s checked off the list I’m anxiously awaiting those first signs of labor. COME ON LITTLE GIRL!

*Movement? Still plenty from her, much less from me. Although, I’m thinking about renting a mini trampoline to try to BOUNCE her out… while eating spicy food of course!

*Food Cravings? Orange Juice!

*What I miss: Nothing in particular. I’m much more focused on what’s about to happen than what USED to happen.

*What I am looking forward to: KEELIN GETTING HER SWEET BUTT HERE!!!

*Nausea/Vomiting? Nope!

*Labor signs? Some really strong BH contractions

*Gender? Sweet baby girl

*Belly Button in or out? 1/2 and 1/2

*Wedding rings on or off? Still on :)

*Sleep? Pretty shifty and up at least twice for a bathroom run but other than that feeling fairly rested when I wake up

*Weekly Wisdom: This isn’t wisdom… more a plea to my sweet girl: My bags are packed, the house is prepped, you’re whole family is anxiously awaiting, all that’s missing is YOU! Come on out and say “HELLO WORLD!”

She's definitely dropped even from last week's post!

Until next time…

Any more guesses on when she’ll be here??? Any SUPER STRANGE tips on how to get her here??? For all you mommies out there, did you do anything unique to induce labor that actually worked???

7 thoughts on “Hump Day Bump Day – 39 weeks and READY TO POP

  1. I am of no help in the things to induce labor that actually worked since I went twelve days over. I never understood the castor oil thing and was grossed out by the thought that I never wanted to try it. The only thing that worked for me seemed to be pitocin. I hope that Keelin comes long before that is even a thought, especially since you want to do this all natural. And I know how anxious you are to meet her, too! C’mon Keelin!

    We tried Scalinis two days after my due date and I have to say even though I never got an eggplant baby, their eggplant parm is the best I’ve ever had. At least you can get a good meal out of it no matter what.

  2. Sara, I tried them all too (except castor oil, where I too drew a line!) and nothing worked. My boy decided that we were all wrong and stayed six days past his due date! My friend, I do not at all wish that on you. So, I’m begging that sweet little girl, come on out and meet your precious family! Good luck!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE POST! I hope this is the last hump day bump day post you’ll be doing with little Keelin in your belly! I am so excited for Keelin’s arrival!
    PS – I just linked up with your blog again for my hump day bump day post! Enjoy!

  4. Oh man, the last couple of weeks are the HARDEST. My EB was 41 weeks to the day. But just think, Keelin might just need to cook a little longer! Important brain functions are happening right now. Be wary of inducing before 42 weeks, or at least let the amount of amniotic fluid tell you that it’s time to do something medical. Once you start down a medical path, it’s very difficult to stay going with a natural birth!

    I ate so much spicy foods towards the end of my pregnancy that now I can’t even taste spice! My tolerance is ridonkulous. And I realize after the fact that we’ve fed EB some foods with spice as bites from our dishes and she never complains. Must’ve been from in utero!

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