My Mush: 12 Months 

  • First foods: cake, spaghetti squash, tilapia, meatballs
  • Climbs up on everything! HG was standing on a step stool about to climb on the coffee table so I moved the stool to the middle of the floor. He looked up at me and walked straight over to the stool, pushed it back to the table and climbed right up. Oy.
  • Cut two more teeth… One of which is a monster molar.
  • Gives sweet and gooey open mouth kisses
  • Loves sneaking into his room to turn his sound machine on. The “summer night” setting is his favorite.
  • Bops and bounces to music.
  • Learning to scoot himself along the floor on the ride-on toys.
  • Major talker. Always has something to say!
  • First sibling attack: bit K when she tried to take something away from him. He’s gaining power!!! Big sis better toughen up!
  • Will run at us with his arms outstretched and squeeze around our necks.
  • Has some sweet little curls in the hair at the back of his neck. I can’t bring myself to cut it yet but I’m thinking it will be a lot like his daddy’s luscious locks.
  • Loves animals… especially cats. Tries to follow the neighbors cats around the yard whenever he catches a glimpse and will crouch down and squeal at them. He also gets a kick out of dogs barking.
  • Such a wonderful, happy personality and is generally a smiley, giggly, silly, snuggly little boy.
  • Better sleeper overall. Still has rough nights but is doing so much better and finding some consistency. ** And we’ve officially gone a full year with him waking up around his birth time on the 6th of every month!
  • Clicks his tongue, makes kiss noises, and sucks his teeth.
  • Still uncertain of strangers but warms up pretty well after scoping things out a bit.
  • Very busy little boy. Keeps himself entertained (a blessing for mama) and is still a little explorer!
  • Loves to tackle and/or straddle anyone who is laying on the floor.
  • Loves running around the house playing with and laughing at his sister. They have such a great relationship these days.

I’m in total denial that this is his last monthly update and that I no longer have a ‘baby’. How did a year go by so fast? I was asked yesterday how old my kids are and I realized I’ll no longer be speaking in terms of months for him. We have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Whaaaaat???? I feel so blessed to be mommy to this sweet little mush and am excited to continue watching him grow!! 

Now to get moving on his bow tie fabric quilt!! 

Until next time…

My Mush: 11 Months

  • New foods: macaroni and cheese, cherries, strawberries, sausage, rice, baked potato, cottage cheese, spinach muffins
  • Climbs the steps with ease. Even caught him half way up when the gate was left open. Heart attack moment.
  • New found love of cars, trucks, and basically anything with wheels.
  • Got a new cousin! My brother and his wife had their second child, a baby girl on March 19. Can’t wait to meet her!
  • Bends down to pick up toys without dropping to his knees.
  • Rarely crawls anymore. Walks like a pro and tries to ‘run’ when he wants to evade capture. He leads with his belly and usually ends up falling, but it’s adorable as he kicks his knees up and giggles away from us.
  • Can climb down off of the couch… and is working pretty hard to climb up.
  • Has become super playful with K. Their relationship is really developing and I love it! Although I foresee him overpowering her in no time.
  • Loves books! We have to keep the paper pages out of his reach do he doesn’t tear through them… literally. He’ll entertain himself with board books for quite a while.
  • Super snuggly. If he sees you laying on the floor he’ll run over and flop down on top of you to nuzzle.
  • Can clap hands and wave hi and bye on command. He also LOVES to point at things. ALL the things!
  • Getting to the shaggy hair status. Obsessed! Can’t wait to see how much of a surfer dude he becomes this summer. I already know with his coloring he’ll be perfectly tanned and gorgeous.
  • Such a ham. He’ll stand and stare at you making little grunt noises until you look over at him. Then he’ll smile, giggle and either run away or run straight at your face with his arms outstretched.
  • Still a conundrum when it comes to sleep. We’ve shifted his schedule more times than I can count but he’s still waking up 1-4 times a night on average. Making some progress with a later bedtime and the addition of a white noise machine/essential oils in the last few days but haven’t seen it happen enough times in a row to be a sure-thing. Fingers crossed.
  • First time in the nursery at church. He did great until other parents started showing up to get their littles. I guess Z and I weren’t fast enough picking him up.
  • Celebrated his first Easter!
  • Can go from sitting to standing without pulling up. I love when he sticks his tooshie way up in the air before standing.
  • Said done when I asked him if he was all done with dinner. WHAAAAAT?
  • Little parrot: Will blow raspberries and stick his tongue out (all the way out) at you if you do it to him first.

Ya’ll, my next update will be on his first birthday. How is that even possible??? My dad made the comment the other day that HG is no longer a baby but a little boy. I gave him the evil eye for even suggesting such a thing (he will always be my little baby) but each day it is more and more true. My baby is growing up so fast! Cue sappy music.

Until next time…

My Mush: 10 months

This month’s update completely snuck up on me! Partially because I was so late getting last month’s photo taken so it felt like I just did this and partially because February just flew by. I call it the month of sickness and snow. So much… TOO MUCH… of both! Someone asked me on Wednesday how old HG was and I said, “9 1/2 months” with the greatest confidence. Then my mom said, “Wait, isn’t today the 4th?”. Holy moly how is my bitty baby already 10 months old? Unreal. As you can tell from the slight blur in every one of this month’s photos, Mr. Mush is never still. I still managed to get some cute shots despite his constant motion! Now on to the stats.

  • New foods: crackers, refried beans, scrambled eggs
  • Reaches out to show us things and waves hi/bye
  • Becoming a pro walker! It’s probably 80/20 walking over crawling now!!
  • Still nursing 4x a day but becoming a pro at hand-feeding himself so we are gradually switching from chunky puree to soft solids.
  • First bad cold – RSV
  • First ear infection/antibiotics
  • First time NOT waking up at 3:40 the morning of his month anniversary. He still isn’t consistently sleeping through the night but we’re getting there. I hope!
  • 2nd snow, 1st time sledding
  • Goofball and giggle machine. Now that he’s mobile he loves teetering all around the room, giggling, and flopping face-first onto pillows. He also loves being tickled!
  • First dance class … strapped to me! He absolutely loved it and bopped his feet the whole time.
  • Pulls his bib off mid-meal
  • He ALWAYS has his hand in his mouth, playing with his tongue. We’re always on alert checking to see if he actually has something in his mouth or if he’s just chewing on his fingers.
  • Super mini tantrum-thrower when he doesn’t get what he wants. Throws his head back for an initial fuss then flops over with his head on the floor. Drama, drama, drama.
  • He has the BEST faces including a number of shocked looks when he finds something new,  becomes appalled that we’ve taken something away from him, protests a recent fall.
  • If there is a keyboard in arms reach he WILL find a way to get his little hands on the keys, even swatting your hand out of the way when you try stopping him.
  • Super chatty with grunts, mama, dada, hi and many other noises.
  • Needs a few minutes to take it in when he’s in a new situation or around new people. He really examines his surroundings for about 5 minutes before feeling comfortable enough to interact with new faces and places.

Until next time…

Keelinisms 2.0

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting another set of Keelinisms and boy have I got some good ones for you! From the mouth of my babe…

Watching Gammie add wood to the fire: “Has the fire melted yet?”

After Z shaved off his bushy lumberjack beard: “Daddy cut off his beard and mushroom!”

Z: Keelin, can I call you baby cakes?
K: NO, I don’t want pancakes!

Waving a tiny American flag, I told her to say “USA! USA! USA!”
What I got: “HO HO SE, HO HO SE”  (to her defense it was Christmas time so HO HO HO was the norm around the house)

Looking at her new Rapunzel and Aurora dolls (Christmas and Birthday gifts):
Gammie: Oh now Rapunzel and Aurora can be friends and do fun things together!
K: Oh, no. Princesses can’t be friends.

While looking at her yogurt mustache in a photo…
‘I look like Santa Claus! Santa Claus is coming to town!’

Closing her book and hopping off the couch she looks at me and says, “Can I read another one your majesty?”

“Come on Graydon, let’s go play with my toys. They’re really fun but you can’t cry about them.

After getting too much lotion on her hands she decided to rub the excess on my leg and the following conversation ensued:
“Wow mom, your legs are really sprinkly today”
“They’re what?”
“You mean prickly?”
“Oh yeah! Your legs are really prickly today!”

K: Mommy, I don’t want to play with Violet anymore
M: Ok
K: But I like Violet
M: Ok
K: But she’s a bad guy. I think she needs to go to church with me

“Here Graydon, I’ll hold him and you hold yourself.”

After my mom says, “Oh darn.” while playing a game on her iPad.
“What’s wrong Gammie?”
“I lost”

After HG accidentally turned off the DVD player:
“Oh. My. Goodness. (complete with dramatic pauses) He just turned that right off.”

On the phone with Z:
“What kind of food you gonna get for you? Hamburger? Mooburger? Oh! Maybe I’ll come after I drive in your car for a little while. (looks over at a photo of HG in his Halloween costume) That was me and Graydon when we went to trick-or-treating. Maybe you can come trick-or-treating with us. (picks up an action figure, “Hook hand” from Tangled, and puts him up to the phone) This is Hook Hand, he wants to talk to you. Say hi Hook Hand. ”

“What’s in your ear mommy?”
“Nothing, I was just scratching it.”
“Is it Pepsi in there?”

More to come!

Until next time…

 **Photos by the incomparable Layna Rae Photography