Jolly good twine

What better way to start your workweek than by indulging in some super simple DIY!?

I was looking around the house when I noticed a handfull of glass candles. I absolutely love the oversized jarred candles because their yummy smells FILL the house and they last forever. However… if there is one thing I¬†HATE about glass candles is the fact that when the wick gets low, you always end up with black soot all over the sides of the jar.

NOT attractive.  Especially because you end up getting black schmutz all over your hands every time you go to light the candle again!

But how do you safely cover the ugly while still being able to burn the candle?


1 ball of twine, a glass candle, a hot glue gun, a little time and precision and this is what you get:

WAY better than having to look at that gross black ash.

The initial idea of using twine stemmed from the world’s latest obsession… PINTEREST!
Twine + Wine bottles = beauty! So wine bottles I found and twine them I did!


Z is lucky I haven’t TWINED everything in the house… because I totally could… it’s that much fun… and that adorable!

Until next time…

What PINTEREST inspired projects have you done lately? Anything worth sharing?