Another Elephant Wall Hanging

It’s time for more nursery DIY fun! I’m a total loser for not getting all of this posted BEFORE Keelin made her grand entrance {something I know I still haven’t told you about but I promise I will!} but I’m sure you will be seeing tons of pictures of the nursery {and Keelin’s cute little butt} from here on out SO, I suppose it’s still alright that you’re getting the inside scoop now.

Z’s parents did quite a bit of traveling in their lives and one of the things they snagged along the way {I believe during a trip to China} was this beautiful mini-tapestry featuring none other than… ELEPHANTS!

When they heard that we were doing elephants as the main theme in Keelin’s nursery, they offered it up for us to use. I was thrilled and then a little stumped at how to display it.

I didn’t want to just hang it because it’s a little small to hang solo as a tapestry.

Frames can get way too expensive, especially because the shape of the tapestry would require a custom frame.

SO, I went with a cheaper option and snagged a framed canvas from JoAnn fabric {on sale… duh} in a size that most fit the shape of the tapestry. I made sure it was small enough so the tapestry could be wrapped around the edges, and large enough so the center portion of the painting would be 100% visible. I also grabbed some ivory ribbon and thermoweb {iron-on hem for easy hem jobs}.

I secured the ribbon to the edge of the tapestry using termoweb. If you’ve never used thermoweb before, it’s a fantastic product… especially for people like me who are slightly sewing challenged.

Needle and thread vs. Iron… Iron wins!

Once the hem is set and cooled, a hot glue gun is perfect for securing the edges to the canvas itself.

I folded the edges down to be flush with the canvas frame. Clean clean lines people!

I love the finished product and how the addition of the ivory ribbon bring a real linear feel to the rest of the tapestry. 🙂

Now Keelin can watch the parade of elephants walking above her closet!

I’m thankful that the beige and white color scheme I chose has allowed me to add tons of color splashes.

Until next time… 

What are some unique ways you have hung tapestries in your home?

Nursery flower puffs!

One of my favorite features in Keelin’s room… besides her cute butt of course… are the tissue flower puffs {pom poms} that are skattered about around the corners of the room.  Here’s a little reminder of what they look like:

Cute, right?

I’d seen these on a number of different sites including wedding blogs like Lovely Little Details {tutorial video by Jacin} the all-amazing Pinterest {additional HOW TO from Martha Stewart} and thought they would be a great and “girly” addition to the nursery. Especially because I wanted to find a way to make it clear a little girl lives there without having a pink overload.

Even though I’ve just provided you with two really fantastic tutorials {how awesome am I?}, I thought I’d share a slideshow of my own step by step experience!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So… what do you think?

Have you made flower puffs/tissue pom poms/whatchamacallems for any other occasions, decorations or events recently? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!

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More Nursery Pictures!

In case you missed my feature yesterday on Girl with Pearls… here’s another look:  Monday Mama’s-To-Be

Because I gave an updated peek into Keelin’s Nursery, I thought I’d keep going with more pictures today! There are still a few more things I need to add and a handful of projects I’m going to feature separately, but it’s ALMOST done and I thought it was about time for an update!

Some beautiful wooden letters spelling out Keelin’s name will go between the shelf and the crib…coming soon {mom helped me figure out a really unique way to hang them and I’m so excited to make it happen!}!  Oh, and don’t worry… that shelf is probably THE MOST secure thing in the room {we’ve tested it a lot!} and the letters will be too so there’s no risk of something bumping my sweet girl on the head… unless it’s one of the 50 stuffed elephants she has!

The view from the window side of the room. I’m going to add a plain curtain in front of the closet so it won’t make things look so busy! She’s got SO MUCH STUFF ALREADY!

My favorite view of the room… right when you walk in the door. Things will get rearranged a bit on the shelves {and we may add a few more individual shelving units on the opposite wall for frames and what not} but I absolutely LOVE the way things have turned ou!

So, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Just right? I’d love to get your feedback!

Until next time…


I just wanted to share another subtle, adorable addition to Keelin’s nursery!


The original knobs on this desk unit were an ugly gold but I wanted to bring in a little color and cuteness. I stopped by Hobby Lobby to check out their selection and was PLEASANTLY greeted by these adorable bits. I fell in love with them even more when I found out they were only $1 each… WAHOO! 2 please… thank you kindly!

It’s the little touches like this that make me never want to leave the room!

Until next time…

What’s the last TINY item you purchased that really brought an entire room together? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!