Check out my toes and my purple tooshie!

I don’t have too much to report this week but I do have a STINKIN CUTE video so I’ll get right to it!

Keelin has become a professional spit bubble blower. She can be happy, fussy, giggling, or yelling but you can bet she’ll have those little lips pressed together blowing spit bubbles. It’s one of the cutest, and messiest, things so far. She does it enough to soak up multiple onesies in a day. Even her bibs are no match or her bubble blowing skills!  I’ll have to catch it on video some day soon {story of my life}.

Like I partially mentioned in last week’s post, Keelin’s legs are getting super hero strong. So much so that one of Keelin’s new favorite things is ‘standing’. She is a squirmy worm in your arms, wiggling around and arching her back, until you help balance her while she boosts herself up on her legs. This I DID catch on video. And by catch I mean totally staged. Check it…{and please ignore my unwashed hair and gross face… focus on the adorable child}

See what I mean about walking before she crawls?!? So gifted.

Keelin is also a fan of her new exersaucer. We’ve had it for a few weeks {got it for free from some friends} but she’s just now really loving it. She spins herself around and makes sure to play with everything in reach. Especially the animal buttons that, when pressed multiple times, make the appropriate animal noises, announce the name of said animal, give you the SPANISH translation for the animal, and then play a small piece of classical music! Boy oh boy these toys are SPIFFY!

She’s still a giggling fool, loves the pups, and spends most of the day smiling and working on her ninja skills as she sees how many times she can roll from her back to her tummy without me seeing it. Sneaky thing.

Z and I are heading to the Georgia Renaissance festival this weekend with fome friends and family and I can’t wait to see how Keelin does. Aka I’m hoping she doesn’t totally hate it all. The weather is supposed to be perfect {fingers crossed} so hopefully between the stroller, the moby, the paci, and the boob I’ll be able to find something that will keep her happy! Maybe get her a henna tattoo.

Totally kidding.

She’d never sit still long enough to get a henna.


Until next time…

Guest Blog: Katherine from “Life with Arie”

When you usually read Sara’s blog, you’re readying about baby life. Buying for baby. Preparing for baby. Bodily changes with growing baby. For those of you, like me, who have yet to have children—or don’t plan to—pregnancy and motherhood are amazing and interesting, but maybe a little terrifying. Last year, I brought another life into my home, much like Sara and Z are about to do (but without the pains of birth or the 9 months of interesting happenings). My new companion came home after an impulse in a pet store.

Before you start angrily typing away about purchasing pets, believe me, I know your diatribe, and I share it myself. Forgive me for my trespasses, and please understand that I love animals with all of my heart, and have always adopted fur-balls of love. While growing up with loveable mutts, I used to house sit for a family with two White German Shepherds. I was smitten. I fell in love with the breed, and I swore to myself that someday, I would have one of my own. Then, right after moving to Atlanta, a pair of big brown eyes snatched my heart, while buying toys for a friend’s dog. It was over. Done. I was officially a pet parent.

While Z and Sara have had a little bit of time to prepare, my impulse buy came home with a puppy package and a lot of prayer that my roommate would be as understanding in person as she was on the phone. Luckily she was, and my years of experience with pets paid off. Much like bringing home a baby, Arie and I had to go through a lot of struggles. Like a baby name, everyone insisted on miss-saying her name, even after hearing me say it correctly. Like a bald infant dressed in green (I was a cue ball for a while as a baby), people constantly assume that she’s a he—It shouldn’t matter, but like a proud mama, I’m quick to correct. She cried all night the first few nights I had her at home, and potty training was a major PITA…and I’m not talking about the bread.

Beyond the battles though, Arie brought a new aspect into my life that I had never experienced. My dog and I have a bond and companionship so close that I could only compare it to the childhood pup I grew up with for 15 years. I am responsible for this life, and ensuring that she grow up, get her training, and that she be a functioning member of the animal society of Atlanta and area parks. Though a tiny human is so much more than a tiny puppy, this is closest I can relate to what Sara is anxiously anticipating.


Katie is a twenty-something living in Atlanta, GA with her White German Shepherd, Arie, the subject of her blog, Life with Arie. She is an avid animal lover and a Social Media Strategist by trade. To read about her adventures with Arie and beyond, be sure to check out her blog.

Until next time…

Are your pets like extra kids, or your sole furry children? What’s your pet’s adoption/homecoming story?

Guest Blog: Leah the Law Student

I can juggle a full credit load at Law School and an internship, but this guest blogging has me stumped! I used to blog when I was living abroad and loved sharing my crazy adventures like running down the street trying to flag down an elephant for a ride, and being dressed up and invited to participate in an Indian festival on TV, and I have always wanted to get back into blogging (we all secretly want to quit our jobs and be a full-time blogger, I turn shades of green while reading about the awesome DIY adventures of Young House Love), so therefore, this entry had to be good!

Idea #1 (this is deceiving, sense originally, there was only one idea)
A Day in the Life of a Law Student
(*cue jokes about lawyers, which sadly, for the majority of the profession are true!).

This idea seemed to be golden, I could share how about my morning:

5:34 AM – Alarm goes off (naturally, it has to be an even time, getting up at an odd time would ruin the whole day, obviously)

5:35 AM – Debate about actually getting up … I *could* just go work out this evening, then fiancé and I could work out together and be all cutesy. But, no, I want to look really good in my wedding dress… but isn’t lots of sleep equally important to looking good? Maybe if I work out this afternoon it will kick-start my momentum and I’ll get up early tomorrow, that sounds like a good plan. No, must get up.

5:36 AM – Discover the DVD I want to work out to is not in the case and DVD cord is unplugged because we hooked the Macbook up to the TV last night. That seems like a lot of effort to fix…

5:27 AM – Back to Bed

I could share about walking to class:

8:30 AM – Walk to class, listening to my new “iPho.” What’s that you ask? It’s a fancy thing called an iPhone, but it’s the fiance’s old deactivated one. Some people might call that an iPod Touch… nope, it’s my “iPho.” I love listening to books, it’s my new commuting past time since three days a week I find myself on a noisy and ever-delayed regional rail trekking down to DC.

I could share about how my highlight of class time is snacktime and blog perusing time:

1:05 PM – The dreaded Income Tax Law Class. The only good thing about the class is looking forward to break time aka “snack time.” I  brought a White Chocolate Kit Kat (thanks to winning a bet against the fiancé).

1:10 PM – Danger, danger. Ate snack early. Now nothing to look forward to. I guess I’ll just pay attention and take notes.

1:12 PM – Abort. What new people can I stalk on Facebook? And look, what’s this? Time to check in on my blogs… some of my favorites, after of course Life in these times…, are Today’s Letters, Young House Love, Rockstar Diaries, MODG Blog, The View From Africa … and my new guilty indulgence, Suri’s Burn Book [don’t judge].

But then I decided my day probably wasn’t all that interesting to anyone except, and only at times, me.

Idea # 2

I loooooove to bake and cook and bake and cook some more. But then I remember it’s finals time… aka “hell weekS.” So, unless I wanted to share my passion for Velveeta and Shells as my stress food, a recipe wasn’t going to meet the December 3rd deadline! But as a bonus, I will give you a stress food that will change your life (you’re welcome):

Eggless, Single Serve Cookie Dough:
3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp sugar
1.5 tbsp butter (I use “I can’t believe it’s not butter”… so the whole recipe is practically 0 cals…. That’s what I tell my hips at least)
1  tbsp milk
Dash of vanilla
As many chocolate chips (or in my case, white chocolate chips) as your heart desires.

Idea #3
Cute story – We have a winner!

I met my fiance thanks to a post-it note. Yes, a regular old (*disclaimer it was actually a hot pink lined post-it) post-it note. We both lived in the same apartment building–a building in which you never saw another soul in the hallways or elevators, because it was full of med students who keep odd hours! One night, I was walking home from International Law class, because my second class of the night was cancelled. As I was walking down the hallway, the door to an apartment opened up and the glorious smell of steak filled my senses! A neighbor emerged that lived across the hall, and inside the kitchen cooking was a new neighbor I had never seen before!! I made a passing comment about how great the hall smelled, and was told that it was the traditional Monday Night Steak Night. After I got to my apartment, just around the corner… I thought about the mysterious and cute neighbor and in a moment completely out of character, decided to take action! The next morning, I left a hot pink post-it note on the door of his apartment that said “Next time you have a steak party, you should invite the whole floor. -Apt 218” At first I heard nothing back… but then, two days later, I opened my door and found a yellow post-it note addressed to “Mysterious Resident of 218”!! I was informed that Steak Night was sacred, but that maybe they could make an exception for one of the residents on the floor. A few more post-it note exchanges occurred… and a week later, I was able to crash bromance night and enjoy steak with Robert, and his friend Matt. We became fast friends, finding we had a lot in common and started dating just a few months later!

Naturally, our engagement was thanks to a post-it note as well! I am next to impossible to surprise, because I’m so observant (read: nosy). So this story is pretty impressive in that, Robert managed to get me up on the roof, blindfolded, holding a brick… before I caught on. On Wednesday evening, March 16th, during Spring Break, we were having a quiet night in. We had some leftovers for dinner and were organizing to go to Ocean City for a few days. After dinner, Robert insisted we should have dessert, but I resisted (sort of), and instead whipped up some monkey bread (in hindsight, the cheesecake would have been fewer calories after I got done doctoring the monkey bread). We were sitting on the couch, and I was being secretive with my laptop, working on a special project for Robert. As a joke and to make a point, Robert grabbed one of my free airline sleepmasks so that he could sit next to me and not see my screen. In a moment of inspiration, Robert put the sleep mask on me and attempted to tickle me! Which led to an unplanned moment… a piece of broken furniture!! Robert found it hilarious (in his head thinking… oh great, how am I going to work around this) and I was upset at Robert’s insensitivity. Robert insisted that there were some bricks in the stairwell of the building that we could use as a quick fix. At this point, I still had the sleepmask pushed up into my hair… he then put the sleepmask back on me and asked if I would trust him to lead me around, like out on the street… “Um, no!” … “Okay, how about just back to your apartment?” “Fine” … but then, we leave his apartment and turn left instead of right… “Where are you taking me!” “Just to grab the bricks” … For once, I decided to just go with it and let him lead me to the stairwell since he was so keen on the idea. We get to the stairwell, open the door, and start walking up the stairs and he hands me a brick. Then we start heading up the stairs in a quest to find more bricks… (I’m not sure how I didn’t catch on)… we finally get to the roof, he claims he sees some bricks in the corner. There I am, standing on the edge of the rooftop deck, blindfolded, holding a brick with my arms splayed in front of me convinced that I am somehow on the edge of the roof (not even close). He leaves my side for a moment, and when he returns, he claims that he’s found another brick. As he removes the sleepmask, he’s standing there with a huge post-it note that says “Leah, will you marry me?” ! ! ! He gets down on one knee, and has a beautiful ring. Of course I said “YES!”

I excitedly emailed 3M with our cute-meet story (with thoughts in my head of “The Wedding of Robert and Leah” brought to you by 3M) and received just a generic form response of “Glad you are satisfied with our products.” Hmm… marrying my best friend, I’d say that’s pretty darn satisfied!

And there you go! My foray back into blogging!


Leah is a third year law student and unfortunately that doesn’t leave time in life for much else! She loves baking, cooking and reading non-law school books when she gets the chance. In the midst of law school, she loves planning for her May 2012 wedding to her best friend and is enjoying all the DIY projects along the way. She was lucky enough to find “Life in  ” thanks to a link on a mutual friend’s blog she reads! After finals, in mid-December, stay tuned for Leah’s effort to start blogging again at : and if you get really bored over the holidays, read all about her crazy adventures in India, Israel, China and Japan at

Hospital Tour Part Duex

No, we’re not some strange overly enthusiastic couple who enjoys walking through hospitals in our spare time. We had a bit of a hiccup in our delivery day prep when we found out at our 34-week check-up that our midwife no longer delivers at the hospital we had chosen and already toured. Puh.

My reaction was a quick moment of panic followed by an overwhelming sense of peace. Something quickly told me that there was probably a very valid reason why she would stop delivering at hospital 1. A reason that would probably make us reconsider delivering there anyway… so I should be thankful for the change and happily adapt. Right?

Well adapt we did…and for good reason!

It wasn’t until this Monday’s 36-week apt. that we got the scoop on all the drama. It turns out that hospital 1 is NOT AT ALL accommodating to midwives OR natural childbirth. SAY WHAT??? Our midwife has been battling their forceful push for medication and c-sections for years, in an attempt to provide multiple options for her patients, and finally said enough was enough. {you go girl} Sounds like hospital 1 is nothing but a bunch of butt heads… and I don’t want some butt head handing my baby… or her butt… or my butt. Needless to say we are now VERY thankful that we found out about and were able to adapt to the sudden change and are thrilled with all the wonderful things we’ve heard about the BETTER hospital {hospital 2}, especially in regards to their love of midwives and natural births. HOORAY!

While hospital 1 had its perks {it’s much newer and had larger labor and postpartum rooms} it didn’t even hold a candle to hospital 2’s friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. As we waddled our way around the maternity wing, nurses, doctors, orderlies and even janitors smiled and said hello at every corner. You could really tell they all LOVE their jobs and were excited for each and every one of us!

Now on to some tour specifics… which I will list with comparison’s to the hospital 1 just to emphasize how much better an option hospital 2 REALLY is!

  • The woman who gave the tour, Debbie, is an actual neonatal nurse and will probably be one of the women helping us on Keelin’s big day! She had both a medical and personal outlook on childbirth and was able to answer every single question the group threw at her. Babs from hospital 1 was nice, but she only had stories about her kid’s having babies, which included little in regards to the specific medical care they received. AND, she wasn’t even a hospital employee… tell me how THAT makes sense!
  • There were about 7 couples on the tour of hospital 2… all with different birth plans and expectations… which to ME was a great sign that so many care providers recommended the hospital. You may remember our last tour only had one other couple in attendance, Urkel and Pepe. Lame.
  • Debbie walked us all out to the labor and delivery entrance so we could see exactly where to go when “it’s time”. Babs only told us to go to the Emergency room entrance which, to this day, I have still never seen.
  • The hospital 2 tour took us to a labor/delivery room {complete with a birthing pool for women interested in having water births or for those who may just want to labor in a warm tub… where’s your birthing pool hospital 1??? I don’t see it!}, the postpartum room, the waiting room for family and friends, the nurse’s station, and even the NICU. It was so heartbreaking to see those TEENY TINY LITTLE BABIES in the incubators but I was really happy that we were at least shown what it all looked like {took away a lot of fears} in the off-chance that we’d need to take Keelin there. I pray to God that it’s the last time I see the NICU and that Keelin never has to know it exists, but it was comforting just getting a glimpse and seeing how closely monitored all the little babes were.
  • There were two little munchkins on the tour with us {with their parents… not having babies of their own} and Debbie was so sweet with them. Even pumped them full of graham crackers and apple juice to keep them occupied. Wise, wise woman!
  • Debbie filled us in on some of the hospital stats and we were so incredibly impressed. Not only do they have a .01% infection rate for postpartum mothers, but their c-section rate is also LESS THAN 1%. They have the lowest c-section rate in Atlanta. Hospital 1’s c-section rate is OVER 50%. Totally nuts and total proof that they would be much quicker to recommend some kind of intervention just to get me in and out as soon as possible… and to get more money in their pockets. Again… lame.
  • When one of my fellow waddlers asked about their “time limit” for labor, because she’d heard horror stories of hospitals rushing laboring mothers and pressuring them to sway from their birth plans just so the doctor can make his tee time. {True or not, I’m sure many other preggo has heard horror stories just like these before so I’m glad she brought it up while we were all there} I was so thrilled to hear Debbie say that they have no time limit. As long as mama and baby are healthy, they will do what we ask and stick to our birthing plans as best they can. SO COMFORTING!!!
  • We saw our midwife while we were there and as she walked to the nursing station, a number of them asked if there was anything they could get for her. We love our midwife and it was so wonderful seeing her being ‘taken care of’ by the nursing staff. Makes me 100% confident that they will be there taking care of her when I’m in labor, which will make her job a little bit easier!
  • And the MOST IMPORTANT thing I saw along the tour… hospital 2 hosts an annual Christmas door decorating contest. Enough said.

There were plenty of other things we really loved about hospital 2 and we couldn’t be happier that we are delivering there. The ONLY negative {if you can call it that} to hospital 2 is that it’s slightly further away than hospital 1 was. However, I plan on laboring at home as long as I possibly can before heading to the hospital, so I’m not at all worried about it. Another one of those overwhelming feelings of peace that I’ve been given. 🙂

I apologize for not having a witty and hysterical “crazy couple” story to tell… but I guess there’s something to be said for the fact that the things I most remembered on tour 1 were mostly about Urkel and Pepe and the things I remembered on tour 2 were things we learned along the tour. 🙂

Until next time…

What’s the worst hospital horror story you’ve ever heard?