Its Ok… that I’m totally lame


Posting minimally today but I’ve been MIA the last 2 weeks of this link up and missing out is starting to give me a twitch. ItsOkThursdaysButton1Its ok…

… that this is 100% me: pinterest

… that my living room is a disaster, and the only reason I feel the need to clean it is because we are having friends over tomorrow. meh.

… that watching the Oscar nominations this morning made me realize how FEW new movies I’ve seen lately.

… that despite the lack of wit and detail I’m still adding this poor excuse for a post in this week’s link up. You’re welcome.

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Its OK Thursday… movie time

I’m dedicating today’s Its OK Thursday to the upcoming movies I’m dying to see.

Its Ok Thursday Button

It’s OK that I’m overly excited to see ALL THESE MOVIES…


Emma Watson without her british accent. Very intriguing.



Meryl Streep can do no wrong

Seriously, did you SEE that cast? Amazing.

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Any movies you are DYING to see???

Yeah… Its Ok

Happy Thursday!

…that I sometimes take thirty minute showers. But only if the water is up as hot as I can take it.

…that I bought a tub of dark chocolate fudge icing, with no intention of actually icing anything. May I have a spoon please?

…that the TIME magazine cover didn’t shock me as much as the backlash of people saying breastfeeding is gross did.

…that I try I avoid diving too deep into my political beliefs because I don’t want to be labeled based on a single aspect of what makes me, me!

…that I’d like to think Robert Downey Jr. is exactly like Tony Stark in real life.

…that I’m a total giveaway whore. If I see a blogger hosting a giveaway, you can bet I’m entering.

…that I finally caved and plowed through 50 Shades of Grey {no pun intended… maybe}

…that I’m really terrible when it comes to commenting on other blogs. I try to make a point to comment every day but it generally doesn’t happen.

…that I make fun of Keelin when she starts fussing for no reason, by mimicking her cry. To her face. 🙂

…that I turn into an overprotective mother with a rebellious teen whenever Z takes the motorcycle to work, and I demand that he texts me when he arrives.

…that I kind of missed having my knees, shoulders, feet, and back covered in bruises from dance.

…to pretend that I’m Giada DeLaurentiis when I’m creating a culinary masterpiece {in my head} for dinner.

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