UFO sighting!

OK… I didn’t see any flying saucers or MYSTERIOUS lights, but I have a number of UFO’s hanging out around my house!

I’m talking about UnFinished Objects people!!! Seriously, how many projects have you jumped into lately that just didn’t get completed? And then instead of finishing project 1, you start on project 2 and the same slippery slope continues. One after another your UnFinished Objects continue to pile up! Well this is the week to check them off your TO DO list! What makes this week different from any other? It’s UFO DIY Challenge week!

UFO DIY Challenge

I caught wind of this from Lisha over at One House One Couple and knew, as I look around at TONS of UFOs, that I had to join in! Here’s the deal:

  • Finish one or more of your UnFinished Objects {big or small}, making sure you take pictures along the way.
  • You have THIS WEEK,  May 1st through May 7th, to share your Finished Object on your blog and link up at the UFO linky party!
  • And add the UFO button to your post!

And now for my most recent UFO… {and the hope that I can add a few more to my list of things NOT UnFinished!}

As you may remember from a few posts back, I’ve been on a bit of a TWINE kick, and by that I mean wrapping twine around just about everything I can find… especially if it used to be home to some kind of alcohol. 🙂

SO… I had this lovely twine army that just kept growing and growing and NOWHERE to put them.

Aren’t they cute! Like a twine family annual portrait session!

THEN I remembered that I have had three wall shelves sitting, collecting dust, in the corner of my craft nook for about a year. One plus one equals decorative brilliance people! SO… I hired one studly stud of a man to help me put the shelves up:

my stud finding studs

Once the shelves were in place it was only a matter of giving my twine family a new, spotlighted home!

Happy little twine family, relocated from underneath the coffee table to up on the wall. Love love love it!

My twine obsession hasn’t subsided yet so I will probably add some more twine balls {classy, right?} but I’m officially checking this UnFinished Object OFF my to do list! Officially finished! One down, about two dozen to go!

Until next time…

PLEASE join in the party and complete one {or some} of your UnFinished Objects!

Another Elephant Wall Hanging

It’s time for more nursery DIY fun! I’m a total loser for not getting all of this posted BEFORE Keelin made her grand entrance {something I know I still haven’t told you about but I promise I will!} but I’m sure you will be seeing tons of pictures of the nursery {and Keelin’s cute little butt} from here on out SO, I suppose it’s still alright that you’re getting the inside scoop now.

Z’s parents did quite a bit of traveling in their lives and one of the things they snagged along the way {I believe during a trip to China} was this beautiful mini-tapestry featuring none other than… ELEPHANTS!

When they heard that we were doing elephants as the main theme in Keelin’s nursery, they offered it up for us to use. I was thrilled and then a little stumped at how to display it.

I didn’t want to just hang it because it’s a little small to hang solo as a tapestry.

Frames can get way too expensive, especially because the shape of the tapestry would require a custom frame.

SO, I went with a cheaper option and snagged a framed canvas from JoAnn fabric {on sale… duh} in a size that most fit the shape of the tapestry. I made sure it was small enough so the tapestry could be wrapped around the edges, and large enough so the center portion of the painting would be 100% visible. I also grabbed some ivory ribbon and thermoweb {iron-on hem for easy hem jobs}.

I secured the ribbon to the edge of the tapestry using termoweb. If you’ve never used thermoweb before, it’s a fantastic product… especially for people like me who are slightly sewing challenged.

Needle and thread vs. Iron… Iron wins!

Once the hem is set and cooled, a hot glue gun is perfect for securing the edges to the canvas itself.

I folded the edges down to be flush with the canvas frame. Clean clean lines people!

I love the finished product and how the addition of the ivory ribbon bring a real linear feel to the rest of the tapestry. 🙂

Now Keelin can watch the parade of elephants walking above her closet!

I’m thankful that the beige and white color scheme I chose has allowed me to add tons of color splashes.

Until next time… 

What are some unique ways you have hung tapestries in your home?

Nursery flower puffs!

One of my favorite features in Keelin’s room… besides her cute butt of course… are the tissue flower puffs {pom poms} that are skattered about around the corners of the room.  Here’s a little reminder of what they look like:

Cute, right?

I’d seen these on a number of different sites including wedding blogs like Lovely Little Details {tutorial video by Jacin} the all-amazing Pinterest {additional HOW TO from Martha Stewart} and thought they would be a great and “girly” addition to the nursery. Especially because I wanted to find a way to make it clear a little girl lives there without having a pink overload.

Even though I’ve just provided you with two really fantastic tutorials {how awesome am I?}, I thought I’d share a slideshow of my own step by step experience!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So… what do you think?

Have you made flower puffs/tissue pom poms/whatchamacallems for any other occasions, decorations or events recently? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!

Until next time… 


Just Another 2010 Memories Post… Welcoming 2011!

I know almost every blogger in the world is going to be posting “A look back at 2010” so why not hop on the bandwagon and follow suit?
2010 has been an amazing year filled with ups downs, goods, bads and what the fracks! Just like every other year I suppose.
Am I really bashing my OWN post this much? Oh well.
Here’s a look back at a wonderful year:

  • Ringing in 2010 at our friend’s cabin in the mountains of Ellijay.
  • Celebrating our FIRST “New Year” as a married couple!
  • Dealing with flood number 3 in our hell hole apartment
  • Officially converted to Catholicism and was confirmed at Holy Spirit!
  • Starting our oh-so-infamous pet chronicles
  • Really kicked off my blog, even though my first post was December 2009.. oops!
  • Found our first house in a single weekend of house hunting!
  • Z in Oklahoma!
  • Experienced the struggles of closing on a home but finally could call it our own!
  • My first trip to White Water for my birthday!
  • Celebrating July 4 with friends!
  • Family trip to Ocean Isle Beach where I (literally) put a dent my leg… a dent which is STILL there. I’ll have to share that story some day.
  • Good friends tie the knot and even MORE got engaged! So happy for everyone!
  • Sending our friend Dave off to Grad School in NY with a relaxing day at the lake
  • Z in Stealing Dixie, a World Premiere
  • Began teaching dance which started as exciting but turned into quite my personal hell.. as you’ve all read before {here and here}.
  • Z’s new bike and me being the best wife ever for getting it for him.
  • Z becomes a clown {Dr. Dipstick} with the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care Unit… both bearded and not! I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Z in The Odyssey at Georgia Shakespeare
  • Many fun visits from my parents.
  • I became a member of a professional dance company. The first time REALLY dancing in over a year but I absolutely love it. We had our first performance as a new company in December.
  • Embraced my inner foodie with new recipes and kitchen adventures
  • Celebrated the birth of my best friend’s baby boy!
  • Got really crafty!
  • Saw my first Cirque du Soleil show… OVO!
  • Spent Thanksgiving with Z’s cousins on the farm and introduced Buster and Pigs to Remus… a 5 month old, 70+ lb Irish Wolfhound “puppy”.
  • Pigs spent the night in the animal hospital for pneumonia
  • Spent Christmas in Michigan with Z’s side of the fam and the puppies experienced their first SNOW
  • Headed BACK to the cabin in Ellijay to welcome 2010 with friends!
It was a great year filled with so many wonderful memories. So 2011 has a lot to live up to! Bring it on!
I hope you all had a great NEW YEAR’s celebration!
Until next time year…