Leftover Makeover: Pulled Pork Quesadilla

If there’s one thing I love doing when it comes to planning meals, it’s utilizing leftovers to make something delicious!

Lately I’ve been a huge fan of crock pot meals because they are 1. extremely easy, 2. almost impossible to mess up, and 3. always produce leftovers! This past week I made some delicious pulled bbq pork {with the help of a McCormick seasoning packet}. It turned out really well and, as usual, left us with a ton of left over bbq!


While I totally love having leftovers I tend to get really bored eating something meal after meal so I didn’t just want another bbq sandwich, I needed to switch things up! I put on my thinking cap and came up with an open-faced bbq pork quesadilla!

I smeared a thin layer of sour cream on a whole wheat tortilla…

… spread my pork leftovers across the tortilla…

… sprinkled the top with shredded cheddar cheese and toasted that sucker until it was nice and gooey!

Cut it four ways and thoroughly enjoyed every bite! It was juicy and gooey and the sour cream provided the right amount of tanginess to tone down the kick of the bbq. It was SO good that I decided not to leave any pork for Z and I made another all for ME! YUM YUM YUM!

The best meals are meals that will last well past the first dinner and this was the perfect example!

Until next time… 

What is your favorite leftover makeover? Please share!!!

My cooking secret weapon

I love to cook.

I’m not the best cook, but I do LOVE cooking.

I might end up cooking the same 5 dishes every week… but while I’m cooking those same 5 dishes, I’m loving every minute of it.

I use by-the-book recipes, slightly altered recipes, and good old fashion creativity when I cook, and I generally get some truly tasty results.

Every now and then I’ll pull deep from my bag of tricks and make something really spectacular, but for the average weekday it’s much easier to have a magic weapon on hand that I can quickly whip up, especially if it makes me look like the next Julia Child.

I’m here to share my secret weapon.

You’re welcome.

yum yum yum!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… are there any gentlemen reading my blog?… Kraft Philadelphia COOKING Creme. Holy moly, so fantastically delicious, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you!

Because I’m kind of obsessed with cream cheese {I’m that girl who likes a little bagel with my schmear} my mom recommended that I give this stuff a try. There are seven different flavors {Tomato and Basil, Italian Cheese and Herb, Savory Garlic, Savory Lemon and Herb, Creamy Pesto, Santa Fe, and Original} and I first tried the Tomato and Basil flavor. This stuff couldn’t be easier to use! ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU JUST HOW EASY IT IS with a super simple and SUPER FAST dinner I made just this week!!!

#1. Choose and cook your favorite meat – chicken, pork, steak, fish, whatever you want!

#2. Add a few tablespoons of your choice cooking creme and let the magic begin.

#3. Plate it up with your favorite sides and ENJOY!

1..2..3.. It can’t get any easier!

And the best part, especially for a new mom like me who is trying NOT to look like I just had a baby, the calorie count is quite friendly to your waist line! Around 110 calories per 1/4 cup and the flavor is powerful enough you only need a few tablespoons! BOOM! YUM! EAT IT UP!!!

Until next time… 

Pasta Delicioso

It’s been so long, I almost forgot that even happened here!!! Better share quick before I forget again and start talking about something ridiculous… like baby bumps.

I was in the mood for pasta the other night but didn’t feel like making the same old {albeit delicious} spaghetti, so I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and change things up a bit. There’s not a whole lot to this recipe {which is one of the reasons why I LOVE it so much} but I thought the end result was delicious enough to share! It’s especially great for those of you who are fans of inexpensive, quick to prepare meals!

The props… 

Your choice of pasta {I used whole wheat spaghetti}
Yellow squash
Sausage of choice {I used the horseshoe-shaped Kielbasa… and yes “horseshoe-shaped” is the technical term}
Tomato Sauce
Parmesan cheese for covering completely garnishing

The prep…

Saute’ the meat and veggies, each in a little bit of EVOO. I did them separately to make sure that everything cooked evenly, then threw them all together to make a colorful pot of heaven.

Next, toss in your choice of tomato sauces. I used a Classico fire roasted tomato and garlic sauce.

Let the meat, veggies and sauce simmer for about 5 minutes {stirring every minute or so to get all the juices blended together} so they can really make friends.

Serve it on top of your pasta of choice, garnish with a touch or a ton of parmesan cheese, and ENJOY!

Oh, and another helpful tip… the sauce does really well reheated the next day. Something I’m keeping in mind while I plan out some make-ahead meals as part of our baby prep!

If you try this out yourself be sure to let me know!

Until next time…

37 week check up this morning… I’ll fill you in on all the details on Wednesday!

Chicken Heart Attack

Wait a minute, what?
So, you’re telling me that I actually used to publish a post a day on this thing?
What’s it called again? A b… bbbbl… blog? 
I’ve been taking my sweet time settling into my new job and new schedule so I decided it was the perfect time for a quick blog hiatus. I’m slowly making my way back {probably won’t be up to a post a day just yet, but I’m working on it} and I thought the perfect way to jump right back into the swing of things is with a recipe that is TO DIE FOR…
… no literally… you might die after eating it. 
You might die because of the EPIC amount of joy that will be bursting from every pore in your body when you take the first bite. 
You also might die because your arteries decide to shut down all together within the first whiff from the oven. 
Either way… you might die… but it’s TOTALLY worth it!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about eating healthy. I like to think I live a fairly healthy life with my food choices and pretty high levels of exercise. I like feeling good about the things I put in my body and I think there is definitely something to be said for the phrase “you are what you eat”. HOWEVER. I also think people who live by SUPER strict diets are a little NUTS {and probably much smarter and will live a  longer life than me} because what fun is it to follow a super strict, no sweets, no treats, no indulgences diet day after day? NO FUN AT ALL! And what’s the point of living a life where fun happens once in a blue moon? There isn’t one. I say MORE FUN FOR ALL!
That’s why I think it’s important to treat yourself every now and then. When you think of “treating” yourself you’re probably thinking of going out for ice cream or giving into those nachos at the ball park but I’m referring to something even sweeter. Every now and then you just need an ULTIMATE UNHEALTHY MEAL! Enter the Chicken Heart Attack!

A friend of ours gave us this recipe last fall and we had to try it immediately. This is a brown rice and chicken kind of guy who needs a little something extra every now and then so his taste buds don’t go on strike. I’m not sure if he came up with this on his own, but I’ll pretend that he did because it’s too good to NOT give him full credit. As an additional note to JUST HOW BAD GOOD THIS MEAL IS… on his hand-written instructions for how to assemble the Chicken Heart Attack, the final instruction was to “Say goodbye to your wife, die happy”. Yes. Bring. It. On.
Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 3-4 chicken breasts, cut in half
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • bacon
  • 1 can chip beef {also called dried beef}
  • paprika

Here’s what you’ll do… {PS… all the photos in this blog were taken with my new camera! An early birthday present from the hubs! MUCH improved from my previous POS}

  • Set aside PLENTY OF TIME for this recipe. Z and I didn’t realize that it had to cook for 3 hours until we were done putting it all together. Needless to say our 10:00 meal was WELL WORTH THE WAIT but it would have been nice to eat when we weren’t falling asleep.
  • Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
  • Cover the bottom of a casserole dish with the full can of chip beef.
  • Wrap the chicken breast halves in bacon {you’ll probably have bacon left over so you can double up or save the rest for the next morning’s breakfast}.
  • Lay the bacon-wrapped chicken on top of the chip beef. {are your arteries closing?}

  • Mix 1 cup of sour cream with 1 can of cream of mushroom soup until fully combined. 
  • Pour cream mixture over chicken and beef. {pain in your left arm?}
  • Sprinkle generously with paprika.
  • Bake for 3 hours or until you can’t resist the mouthwatering smell coming from your kitchen. 
  • Enjoy, savor, devour, you know the drill!
  • Oh yes, and as the instructions read… kiss your loved ones goodbye and die happy.

The best part are all the delicious left overs. Now your heart attack can last through dinner to the next day’s lunch!

Until next time…
Do you have a guilty pleasure recipe that you’d risk having a heart attack for because it’s JUSY THAT GOOD? Please share! 🙂