Thoughts while getting a drink

While plowing through a sewing session yesterday I found myself spiraling through in an unexpected series of events while engaging in the oh-so-simple task of quenching my thirst.  Here’s where my brain took me.

Man, I’m thirsty.
     (looks at water on craft table)
Um, I think that’s been here for like three days. Better get a fresh glass.
     (grabs tumbler and heads down the hall toward the stairs. hear’s K singing.)
Aww, she’s so cute. I wonder why she’s always the sweetest when she’s alone?
     (walks down stairs)
Oh, I can’t forget to grab that pile of diapers on my way back up. Don’t forget diapers. Don’t forget diapers.
     (sees playing cards and puzzle pieces all over the kitchen floor, puts tumbler on the counter)
Ugh. Why didn’t I get K to clean this up before going to her quiet time? I can’t just leave it like this, it will drive me crazy.
     (cleans up cards and puzzle pieces)
Much better. Okay. What did I come down here for again? Oh yeah. Water. Water, water, water.
     (grabs tumbler and dumps old water into the sink, water splashes up all over the counter)
Well that was genius, Sara.
     (wipes up water and realizes the sink and counter are laced with dirty dishes)
Why aren’t these in the dishwasher? Oh, that’s right, we ran it this morning before mass so it needs to be emptied. If I don’t do it now I’ll forget.
     (empties dishwasher)
Okay, that’s done. Now, where did I put my tumbler? There it is. When did I move it across the room? Oh well. Back to business.
Ice… water… Cherry Lime MIO. I really should be better about drinking it plain…
Maybe tomorrow.
OK, got my water now back to the sewing machine.
     (sees Nook on counter)
Oh hey, my Nook! I wanted to get through that last chapter. I’ll take that up with me too and maybe get around to reading it tonight. Maybe.
     (reaches steps and notices all the couch cushions have been thrown on the floor)
Well that’s just lovely. Again, why didn’t I get K to clean up before quiet time? Oh yea, I was trying to sneak her upstairs so HG wouldn’t see me and freak out. Which didn’t work. No matter, it will drive me nuts if I leave it like this.
     (puts cushions back on couch. looks up to see entire living room is spattered with toys)
     (cleans up living room)
OKAY, THAT’S DONE! Where’d I put my water? Oh, on the steps.
Hmm. Now I’m kind of hungry. Figures.
What do I want?
Chocolate! No, I said I was going to make healthier snack choices. Crackers? Crackers with pepper jelly and cream cheese. Can’t go wrong with that. Not exactly healthier but better than chocolate, right?
     (grabs crackers and pepper jelly from frig)
Where’s the cream cheese? I know there was some left. Maybe back on this top shelf. Yes! Jackpot.
     (opens cream cheese)
AAAAAND it’s moldy. Awesome. Oh, we still have the rest of the cream cheese block from Costco. Win.
     (puts moldy cream cheese tub in the sink to soak, grabs Costco block, opens it.)
AAAAAND it’s ALSO moldy. Of course. Well, it’s really just the end. I could just cut that part off and still have the rest to eat. Yeah, I’ll do that.
     (cuts off end of block cream cheese, tosses it in trash, fills new Tupperware with good, non-moldy cream cheese)
Alright, now I need a, plate… knife…
Ugh, I’m not even hungry any more.
No, no way. That was waaaay too much effort. I’m eating this snack, hungry or not.
     (lays out crackers, spreads cream cheese, grabs pepper jelly)
Oh, no. How much do you wanna bet? Please don’t let the pepper jelly be moldy too.
     (opens pepper jelly)
WHEW! Still good.
     (finishes preparing snack)
Ok. Snack is ready, just gotta grab water and Nook from the steps, DON’T forget to grab those diapers, aaaand finally back to sewing.
Gracious. That certainly took way longer than I expected.
I should write a blog about it.
     (sits down to computer and begins typing…)

You’re welcome.

Until next time…

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