My Mush: 11 Months

  • New foods: macaroni and cheese, cherries, strawberries, sausage, rice, baked potato, cottage cheese, spinach muffins
  • Climbs the steps with ease. Even caught him half way up when the gate was left open. Heart attack moment.
  • New found love of cars, trucks, and basically anything with wheels.
  • Got a new cousin! My brother and his wife had their second child, a baby girl on March 19. Can’t wait to meet her!
  • Bends down to pick up toys without dropping to his knees.
  • Rarely crawls anymore. Walks like a pro and tries to ‘run’ when he wants to evade capture. He leads with his belly and usually ends up falling, but it’s adorable as he kicks his knees up and giggles away from us.
  • Can climb down off of the couch… and is working pretty hard to climb up.
  • Has become super playful with K. Their relationship is really developing and I love it! Although I foresee him overpowering her in no time.
  • Loves books! We have to keep the paper pages out of his reach do he doesn’t tear through them… literally. He’ll entertain himself with board books for quite a while.
  • Super snuggly. If he sees you laying on the floor he’ll run over and flop down on top of you to nuzzle.
  • Can clap hands and wave hi and bye on command. He also LOVES to point at things. ALL the things!
  • Getting to the shaggy hair status. Obsessed! Can’t wait to see how much of a surfer dude he becomes this summer. I already know with his coloring he’ll be perfectly tanned and gorgeous.
  • Such a ham. He’ll stand and stare at you making little grunt noises until you look over at him. Then he’ll smile, giggle and either run away or run straight at your face with his arms outstretched.
  • Still a conundrum when it comes to sleep. We’ve shifted his schedule more times than I can count but he’s still waking up 1-4 times a night on average. Making some progress with a later bedtime and the addition of a white noise machine/essential oils in the last few days but haven’t seen it happen enough times in a row to be a sure-thing. Fingers crossed.
  • First time in the nursery at church. He did great until other parents started showing up to get their littles. I guess Z and I weren’t fast enough picking him up.
  • Celebrated his first Easter!
  • Can go from sitting to standing without pulling up. I love when he sticks his tooshie way up in the air before standing.
  • Said done when I asked him if he was all done with dinner. WHAAAAAT?
  • Little parrot: Will blow raspberries and stick his tongue out (all the way out) at you if you do it to him first.

Ya’ll, my next update will be on his first birthday. How is that even possible??? My dad made the comment the other day that HG is no longer a baby but a little boy. I gave him the evil eye for even suggesting such a thing (he will always be my little baby) but each day it is more and more true. My baby is growing up so fast! Cue sappy music.

Until next time…

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