Keelinisms 2.0

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting another set of Keelinisms and boy have I got some good ones for you! From the mouth of my babe…

Watching Gammie add wood to the fire: “Has the fire melted yet?”

After Z shaved off his bushy lumberjack beard: “Daddy cut off his beard and mushroom!”

Z: Keelin, can I call you baby cakes?
K: NO, I don’t want pancakes!

Waving a tiny American flag, I told her to say “USA! USA! USA!”
What I got: “HO HO SE, HO HO SE”  (to her defense it was Christmas time so HO HO HO was the norm around the house)

Looking at her new Rapunzel and Aurora dolls (Christmas and Birthday gifts):
Gammie: Oh now Rapunzel and Aurora can be friends and do fun things together!
K: Oh, no. Princesses can’t be friends.

While looking at her yogurt mustache in a photo…
‘I look like Santa Claus! Santa Claus is coming to town!’

Closing her book and hopping off the couch she looks at me and says, “Can I read another one your majesty?”

“Come on Graydon, let’s go play with my toys. They’re really fun but you can’t cry about them.

After getting too much lotion on her hands she decided to rub the excess on my leg and the following conversation ensued:
“Wow mom, your legs are really sprinkly today”
“They’re what?”
“You mean prickly?”
“Oh yeah! Your legs are really prickly today!”

K: Mommy, I don’t want to play with Violet anymore
M: Ok
K: But I like Violet
M: Ok
K: But she’s a bad guy. I think she needs to go to church with me

“Here Graydon, I’ll hold him and you hold yourself.”

After my mom says, “Oh darn.” while playing a game on her iPad.
“What’s wrong Gammie?”
“I lost”

After HG accidentally turned off the DVD player:
“Oh. My. Goodness. (complete with dramatic pauses) He just turned that right off.”

On the phone with Z:
“What kind of food you gonna get for you? Hamburger? Mooburger? Oh! Maybe I’ll come after I drive in your car for a little while. (looks over at a photo of HG in his Halloween costume) That was me and Graydon when we went to trick-or-treating. Maybe you can come trick-or-treating with us. (picks up an action figure, “Hook hand” from Tangled, and puts him up to the phone) This is Hook Hand, he wants to talk to you. Say hi Hook Hand. ”

“What’s in your ear mommy?”
“Nothing, I was just scratching it.”
“Is it Pepsi in there?”

More to come!

Until next time…

 **Photos by the incomparable Layna Rae Photography

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