My Mush: 8 months

Happy first post of the New Year! I cannot believe it’s 2015 and Mr. Mush is 8 months old. Better dive right in before another month passes me by!

  • New solids: squash, pear, Gerber puffs, blueberries, mum mum, banana pancake, chicken, scrambled eggs, mango
  • Loves passing toys back and forth from one hand to another.
  • Still not 100% but we’ve made a lot of progress with his sleeping habits. He actually started sleeping through the night almost every night this last week and the rest he’s generally just waking up once in the night. Progress!
    **UPDATE… Despite HG’s progress within the last week he did wake up about 5 times this morning… around 3:40… the time he was born. You’ll recall I’ve been conducting a little experiment to see if these month-birthday 3:40 wake up calls continue. I was so confused as to why he had such a bad night despite us being so strict with his schedule. Then Z reminded me of the last few months. So far we’re still seeing a pattern! NUTS!!!
  • First Christmas lights show – was quite mesmerized.
  • First Christmas!!!
  • First bloody nose 😦 Hopefully face-planting into the feet of our office chair will teach him that swivel seats aren’t the sturdiest things to pull up on!
  • Sits with his legs in a ‘hurkey’ position (one leg bent back, one straight forward) or Z-sit (one leg bent front, one leg bent back) all the time. Rarely has both feet in front. I think it makes it easier for him to get moving.
  • Still thinks his sister is the bees knees
  • Gives open mouth ‘kisses’
  • First word:  ‘mama’ 🙂 He says ‘baba’ and ‘ga’ a lot, just like his sister did, but this was a definite MMMM sound… at least to my ears!
  • Sucks his teeth and LOVES when you suck yours back at him. We have teeth sucking conversations daily!
  • Never stops moving! He crawls at lightening speed, pulls up on everything, grabs whatever he can reach, drops down to his knees (another new skill), and is back on the move.
  • MAMA’S BOY! He prefers to be with me 95% of the time. If he sees me walk by and I don’t come smooch on him or pick him up he’ll get mad and fuss. It’s adorable… and exhausting… but I love it!

Until next time…

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