3 Years Down…

Our little girl is 3 years old.
I can’t believe she’s 3 years old!
HOW is she already 3 years old?

Because it’s her birthday and I’m feeling a bit sappy I thought it write a little letter directly to our sweet girl, so she (we) can look back and remember what life was like in 2014.

Dear Keelin Bean,

The last three years have flown by and you have grown into such a smart and silly little girl. You definitely have your daddy’s sense of humor, finding fun in everything, and a little of your mama’s drama, sometimes worrying about the littlest things. You’re favorite past times include reading, playing in the sandbox, coloring, reading, putting stickers on everything (including yourself), snuggling and playing with your brother, reading, asking if it’s “Movie Day”, and reading. Did I mention you like to read? It’s your absolute favorite! Whether you’re curled up in someone’s lap or alone in your room, you usually have a book in-hand.
You’ve seen many firsts and had many achievements this year too: you graduated from diapers to the potty, you played in the snow for the first time, you became a big sister, you moved from Georgia to Virginia, you went from a crib to a big girl bed, and you were a flower girl in a wedding… just to name a few!
Sadly, you also lost two of your great-grandparents but we talk about them often and fondly. I’m thankful you were too young to feel that heartbreak just yet.
You’re a pill when it comes to meal-time, seeing as how you’d rather be playing than have to sit and actually put nutrients into your tall, skinny little body. Seriously, you’re all limbs. Plus, if we’re not having cupcakes you’re just not interested. Totally understandable.
You love animals but usually end up being afraid of them when they come near you.
You’re such a great little mama to your baby brother, bringing him toys, patting his back, and telling him ‘it’s okay brovah’ whenever he cries.
You can name just about every major Disney character, despite having never seen most of their movies, and you have a love-hate relationship with Frozen… Don’t we all.
You are smitten with your daddy and it melts my heart to see you demand a hug and a kiss every time he leaves the house. Even if it’s just to run to the store. Your grandparents are also at the top of your list of favorite people. They love you so much.
I could go on and on about your mind-blowing intelligence, enormous heart, silly personality, and love of life.
Your daddy and I are so blessed to have you and are thrilled to watch you grow into the person God created you to be.
We love you right up to the moon and back.

Here’s a look at this past year of two-ness, in a precious video by K’s Aunt Heather, aka Movie Momma.

Happy birthday beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see how much you grow and all that you experience in 2015.

Until next time…

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