My Mush: 7 months

I’m a few days late posting Mush’s 7 month update seeing as how was a sad, sick, little lump over the weekend and our photo session was delayed. He caught a yucky cold/cough and we’ve been dealing with some fussy, snotty days. Outside of his recent under-the-weather status, it’s been QUITE an eventful month full of firsts!

  • Cut tooth #4 – ain’t nobody speeding through teething like this boy
  • Stood (balanced) on his own for about 15 seconds. Literally just let go like it was no big deal.
  • Became a crawling machine. There’s nothing he can’t get to!
  • Learned to pull up to his knees about 2 days after learning to crawl.
  • Learned to pull up to his feet the next morning. Pulls up on ALL THE THINGS!
  • Pulled K’s art easel over on himself (terrifying for mom) and hardly shed a tear.
  • Loves to beat on things. He loves hitting the table with his hands or beating his toys senseless against the floor.
  • Gets mad when we take something away from him or keep him from getting to something. Pitches a 6 second temper tantrum before seeing something else he wants.
  • First time sitting shotgun in a shopping cart. We were at Costco so he shared the ride with his sister. Had a blast and K kept telling everyone we passed, “This is my brovah up here sittin wif me”
  • Attended his first craft show with mommy as a vendor. It was a dismal failure but everyone thought he was cute! I may use him to attract buyers again!
  • More solids: carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, banana, avocado
  • First Thanksgiving!
  • Caught his first cold. 😦

Hoping you are all getting into the Christmas spirit! We sure are!

Until next time…

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