Keelinisms aka Stuff My Kid Says

Because I don’t talk about her enough and toddlers are hysterical, I give you a collection of Keelinisms: part one of many.

  • While looking at a piece of cinnamon toast: “Is it durty on there?” (we are now affectionately calling cinnamon toast dirty toast)
  • When nap or bed time approaches: “Just five more minutes. Seven more minutes

  • “Holy moly cow”
  • When we call her a silly goose: “No I’m not a silly goose I’m Kee-yin”

  • After I called her a demon child for making “REDRUM” noises: “I’m NOT a demon child, I’m a wittle gurl”
  • “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt me.”

  • After putting Graydon’s drool bib on: “Gotta go show mommy and daddy how cute me are.”
  • While putting my bra in the washing machine: “That’s mommy’s boobs”

  • “Ok. Yeah, showuh!” (sure)
  • “Mama, I pinched my arm. I go show Gammie what it hurts like.”

  • Singing: “Let it go. Let it go. My fairy wings and Elsa and Anna. Let it go. My wings. Amen”
  • Handing me a strawberry and pointing to the stem: “Mommy, you cut the grass off please?”

  • Watching me wash my breast pump cones and bottles: “Is that your boob cup?”
  • Every time anyone leaves a room: “Where are you going? What you gonna do there?”

I love my sweet, silly, smart, sassy little bean.

Until next time…

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