My Mush: 6 Months

I know I say it every time, but I’m completely baffled that HG is another month older. When I was jotting down his stats for the month I felt myself stop in shock realizing it’s been SIX months since I first held my baby boy. He is half way to a year and it’s crazy to think about the next six months passing as quickly as the last six months did.

If you recall from last month’s post I announced that I was conducting an experiment with the mush man. For the last few months, on his ‘monthiversary’, he has woken up at 3:40 am… the time he was born. It’s like some magical, mystical inner clock that has been reminding him of that exact time back in May when we opened his eyes to the world for the first time. Well, he did it again this morning. 3:40 am, he was up, and so was I. I’m not ruling this an official pattern quite yet since, as you’ll read in this month’s stats, HG has been completely off his schedule and up all hours of the night. BUT I think it’s obvious that I’ll be still be on alert at 3:40 am next month. Do you think the pattern will continue?

Alright, on to the stats…

  • Cut tooth #2 and #3. Two in one month! He’s not wasting any time.
  • Turns in circles on his belly
  • Pulls up onto his knees and stretches back out. Basically crawling backwards. I foresee an early crawler.
  • Loves jumping in his stationary jumper and figuring out the door frame jumper.
  • Expert conversationalist.
  • First foods – Oatmeal, peas, apple!
  • Loves laying under the hair dryer. He will stretch his legs out and flex his feet whenever we turn it on to warm him up after a bath or during a diaper change.
  • Makes some pretty adorable, and equally hysterical, poop faces. If you didn’t already hear the rumbling you can expect it’s not far behind.
  • Loves baths and splashing in the water.
  • Sits up unassisted like a champ. We still keep within arms reach for the times he swings his head around trying to catch a glimpse of something and topples over.
  • Apparently Mr. Mush has forgotten to sleep through the night. He randomly started waking up 1-4 times in the night. I’m one exhausted mama and praying things get back to normal soon.
  • First time going to the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating (in mommy’s arms while sister did all the work)
  • Grabbing at everything and transferring toys from one hand to another. If he sees something he want’s he’ll shift, wiggle, and reach his way to it.
  • Loves ‘tiger chuff’ noises.
  • Reaches for us when we come close as if he’s asking for a hug or trying to pull up on us.
  • Discovered his new teeth and has started chomping and grinding them together. Join me in cringing.

Until next time…

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