My Mush: 5 months

I’m officially conducting a mushy experiment. On May 6, five months ago, at 3:40 am, Mr. Mushy-face was born. He started sleeping through the night around 2 1/2 months old and has been really consistent ever since unless his schedule gets really distorted. Last month, on September 6, he woke up demanding snuggles and cuddles and boobs. It was right around 3:40 am. This morning, October 6, woke with the same demands. Guess what time it was. 3:40 am. Figuring out my hypothesis? I don’t remember being up with him at 3:40 am during months three and four, after his sleep schedule had regulated, but that’s not to say it didn’t happen. Hey, I’m lucky if I can remember where my car keys are or if I’ve taken a shower on any given day so being able to recognize the connection of these last two months is practically a miracle. That being said I’m anxious to see if I end up feeding, rocking, and singing to my sweet boy at 3:40 am on November 6. I’ll be sure to share my scientific findings.

In the mean time… how about a little 5 months update!

  • Attended his first wedding… well, wedding reception. Stayed up way past his bedtime partying with our extended family!
  • Teething is in full force and he even cut his first tooth! He is rarely without his amber teething necklace these days.
  • Giggles often and is super ticklish on his back and feet.
  • Grabby hands – very intentional about what he’s grabbing for and usually hits his mark. He really loves grabbing my forearm while I’m changing his diaper and grabbing at our cold glasses while mid-drink.
  • One of his favorite new past-times is sucking on the bottom rim of the cold classes mentioned above.
  • 90% for height, 60% for weight – my big mushy boy.
  • Is now seeing my pediatrician from when I was a baby. So surreal, especially because this doctor found my kidney issue when I was 3 months old and one of the patient rooms has a banner from Lynchburg College with my signature on it.
  • Has developed some great balance – can sit up on his own for a pretty lengthy amount of time and can even stand at his activity table for a few seconds.
  • Can often be seen with a handful of my hair in his tiny little fists. Like I said… grabby hands
  • Loves watching the dogs run around outside.
  • Has the cutest cry babble.
  • He can be cheered up almost immediately just by seeing his sister.
  • Loves to ‘fly’
  • Grabs his toes and hands.
  • “Face crawls” all over the place, especially when on a bed. He smooshes his face into the mattress, pulls his knees up, and lifts his head again, flattening out and scooting slightly forward. What an adorable weirdo.
  • Master roller. Leave him alone on his play mat and you can bet he’ll be off of it in about 10 seconds. This boy never stops moving!
  • Mush man is a major flirt. He loves everyone and has a sweet pattern reaction to anyone who looks at him: eye contact, cheesy grin, coy “I’m so shy” look away.
  • Chews on everything, but mostly his hands/fingers/thumb.
  • Has a pretty awesome mohawk – I guess that’s how my babies grow their hair!

Until next time…

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