My Mush: 4 months

I can’t believe I’m already posting another monthly update, but here we are, watching time fly by. Before giving you Mr. Mush’s 4 month stats, I thought I’d share some deets on what the rest of the family is up to.
We are loving being in Virginia getting some real quality time with my parents. I’m so thankful that I get to have playdates with my high school friends and their babies, and have even taken advantage of seeing some college friends as well! I’m getting theKeenBean back up and running {new listings every day!} and am eager to get back into teaching my natural childbirth classes. Finding an affordable {aka FREE} place to hold my classes has proven to be a bit more difficult that I had hoped but it will all work out.
Z is having a great time in grad school so far, learning a lot and getting some first hand experience teaching. His classmates seem really nice and he’s been comforted by having some fellow dads to connect with. Each day he comes back with fun stories and new ideas on how to use his degree. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Keelin has adjusted really well to our new living space and is enjoying meeting new friends on a regular basis! She’s also enjoying testing all of us {since there are more people in the house to pay attention to her} and pushing boundaries. You know… you’re average 2-year old shenanigans.

Alright, enough about the fam, on to the star of this show…

The smile. The rolls. The flexed toesies.

  • Rolled over from back to tummy (August 11).
  • First tick. Gross gross gross. Ew. Gross.
  • Officially outgrew his swaddle pouch so we’ve transitioned to a sleep sack and, inevitably, tummy sleeping.
  • Happiest baby in the world – if he’s not hungry or tired he’s smiling.
  • Met a handful of mommy’s college roommates and dance friends.
  • Blows raspberries and bubbles like it’s his job.
  • First belly laugh.
  • First time in his Baby Einstein activity saucer – LOVES IT!
  • Snuggles and smiles with his big sister.
  • Pushed bedtime ahead and still sleeps through the night!
  • Advanced to 3-6 month clothing – although I refuse to take his too-small 3 month clothes out of the closet just yet.
  • Tried out a Johnny Jump Up. Still a little small for it but he’ll push and spin around for a little while
  • Deliberately reaches for toys, people’s faces, mommy’s smoothie, etc.
  • Showing signs of teething {drooling, chewing on everything, etc.} but no teefies yet.
  • Loves falling asleep on your shoulder – prefers it actually!
  • First trip to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Seriously, more pictures mom?

Until next time…

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