Postpartum Pet Peeves

Most mom or pregnancy blogs talk about the stressors of pregnancy because, let’s face it, there can be plenty. From the morning sickness and strange cravings to the swollen ankles and sciatic pain, certain aspects of pregnancy are doozies. While preparing moms for the not-so-glamorous parts of pregnancy is important, the aftermath is often forgotten. Being that I’m four months postpartum with HG, I feel the need to share some of the less thrilling and down-right obnoxious parts of postpartum life. Here are my top three postpartum pet peeves.

Hormone hostage

Just because the pregnancy is over doesn’t mean your hormones are back to normal. There is a definite adjustment period after baby is born where your system is equalizing. Pair that with sleep deprivation, an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and responsibility {especially for first time moms}, hospital bill shell shock, and the unbelievable level of love you have for your new little miracle and it’s no wonder you’re a moody mess. During the time you spend staring at your new baby you could be smiling one minute and bawling your eyes out the next, with no explanation why. And please, please for the love of all things holy, don’t even try watching a sappy/sad/inspirational/romantic movie anytime soon. Especially one that involves babies/children/animals/true love. You’re better off sticking to explosive action flicks.

Shedding like a dog

You know how your hair completely transformed during pregnancy? That miraculous volume, shine, and super-human growth you experienced during pregnancy is like hair heaven. You walk around pretending you’re in a Pantene Pro V commercial while simultaneously rubbing your beautiful bump. All is right in the world of cosmetics.
Then you have your baby, looking like a hair model while in labor I might add, and you settle into your new life as a parent thinking you were not only gifted this beautiful new life but beautiful new locks as well. Three months flash by and all of a sudden you wake in the morning wondering when you let the neighbor’s golden retriever use your pillow. Your brush is full of hair, your shirts are covered in stragglers, you’re in a constant state of feeling like you walked through a spiderweb, and you pity the poor shower drain after every shampoo. Your family is even affected as your loose strands somehow find their way to everything from clothes to facial hair. Bye bye Pantene contract, hello tumbleweeds of tangles.

The ‘nothing fits’ phase

Whether it takes you a while to shed your baby weight or you seem to drop most of it with the birth of your child, there’s a phase that most new moms enter into called the ‘nothing fits’ phase. Your maternity clothes are a little too baggy and your re-pregnancy clothes are a little too tight. You can fit into both but nothing actually fits. Maternity clothes are obviously more comfortable but when you’re already feeling a little, well, saggy, there’s no need to add the diaper butt that comes with a loose pair of elastic-waist jeans. Remember those out-of-wack hormones I mentioned before? Yeah, they don’t help much when all you want is to feel comfortable in your own skin and not one thing in your closet fits the bill.
There’s a phase a lot like this during pregnancy, when your baby bump is just starting to grow and you’re not quite ready for maternity garb. It too can be frustrating but the excitement of your healthy growing baby usually overshadows the in-between stage.

Thankfully we as mothers can handle these horribly obnoxious postpartum stages because of the amazing tiny humans we created {our husbands helped too} that rely on us not totally losing our minds.

So these are my postpartum pet peeves, what are yours?

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Postpartum Pet Peeves

  1. All of these are SO TRUE! Mom says when she babysits the girls, they are covered in my hair. Like I’m the shedding dog. And oy, the nursing boobs. Even if you are back to your pre-pregnancy size at the bottom, forget about wearing any of your pre-pregnancy tops!

  2. All sooooo true! A big one for me was also joint achyness from the hormones-some mornings I felt worse than an osteoporetic 90yo woman. AND the continued unsolicited advice about how to care for my baby. With my hormones so out of whack, even a “You’re doing so well, you’re such a good mom!” could elicit a , “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING EVERYTHING I DO?! YOU’RE JUDGING ME!” response, haha. It wasnt rational, but seriously I preferred when people just complimented the baby then talk AT ALL about parenting.

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