Going grad: let the adventure begin

It’s been a while since I posted anything that wasn’t about being pregnant or tracking the kiddos as they grow. But that’s all about to change.
As I look back on the lifespan of this blog there has definitely been a fair amount of ebb and flow. Obviously my own life has shared the same shifts so why wouldn’t the blog that tracks my “Life in these times…” follow suit? Now my family has started yet another grand adventure and this little collection of memories will help me tell the tale.  May as well kick things off by explaining what we’re up to!

Around about the time I found out we were pregnant with HG, Z started seriously looking into grad school. It had been nearly three years at the Aquarium singing the same 30-minute show as much as four times a day. For a guy who used to tell me, “I’ll never do another summer stock production… 72 shows is just way too much”, {referring to The Lost Colony outdoor drama where we met} you can bet that 1,000 times on stage singing about dolphins took its toll. Not only was Z ready for a change, but knowing that our family was {and hopefully would continue} expanding, the idea of a teaching career that could provide stable income for the future was one we were both pretty excited about.  So we dove into the application process and things just started falling into place:

  • Z was accepted at VCU to receive an MFA in acting pedagogy.
  • My parents graciously offered their home {a stones throw from campus} as a place for our family to live while he is in school. AKA no rent.
  • My mom retired this year. AKA help for me while Z is in class all day and childcare if/when I get a side job.

We created a rough draft of the next two-three years all before HG was born. God really laid out His plan so it was kind of easy to see it all. At least the spark notes version. With a basic idea in our minds we set it all on the back burner so it wouldn’t overshadow the birth of our sweet boy and the adjustment to a family of four.

As you can tell from my recent updates on Mr. Mush, all has been well on the family side of things. We welcomed HG, settled in beautifully to family-of-four status, made our move and, after a relaxing week at the beach, are officially ready to kick things into high-grad-gear. Big, exciting, and completely faith-driven things are in the works and I’m thrilled to see them all unfold. I’m going to be continuing my natural childbirth business and my Etsy shop but I’m also planning to kick this blog back into high gear. More posts, a wider variety of topics, more wit, maybe even some reviews. Overall lots of good things. Que Alec Baldwin circa Along Came Polly. 🙂

Z’s first day of classes is today and I’m so incredibly proud of him. Good luck my sweet… let the adventure begin!

Until next time…

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