My Mush: 3 Months

Excuse me ma’am, can my classic good looks and I help you set up your beach chair? What a stud, right?

I’m a few days late posting this month’s update because, as you can tell from HG’s white onesie deviation, we’ve been at the BEACH all week! He officially turned 3 months on Wednesday so I had to snap some beach-tastic photos to celebrate. A lot has happened in his third month, here are the deets:

  • Big time hair puller
  • Loves chatting… ALL THE TIME! Such a talker. As my aunt says, “He’ll be speaking in paragraphs when he actually starts talking”
  • Smiles and laughs with his whole body
  • Moved to a new state- first long road trip at 9 1/2 hours. Slept almost the whole way!
  • Sleeping through the night!
  • Does great with tummy time, lifts his head all the way up and pushes his booty into the air while digging his toes into the ground.
  • Rolled over (tummy to back) on July 22!
  • Met his great grandmother (Gigi) as well as lots of cousins, great aunts, and great uncles!
  • First shots- cried for about 5 seconds. Mommy kept it together pretty well.
  • Stops nursing to look up and smile at me… Talk about heart melting!
  • First time at the beach/toes in the ocean! Wasn’t sure about it at first but loved sitting in the surf by the end of the week!
  • Swaddle Houdini. Manages to get at least one arm out every night.
  • first giggle
  • Loves everyone he meets and handles ‘pass the baby’ with ease.
  • First dip in the pool
  • Has conversations with stuffed animals, especially ones with BIG eyes!
  • Has the best open mouth grin EVER.

happy to get that bowtie off!

Until next time…

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