My Mush: 2 Months

So in love with this happy little mush and the JOY on his face in this month’s photo! He was looking up at his daddy so it’s no surprise he was so excited! Can hardly believe he is already 2 months old! Here are this past month’s stats!

  • first trip to the pool – his toes were not impressed
  • has the dreamiest, sweetest, widest smile. Obsessed.
  • loves getting raspberries and watching mommy and daddy do lip trills.
  • transitioned to his crib
  • wearing 3 month clothes
  • adios Huggies, big boy is wearing his Sunbaby cloth diapers now!
  • slept through the night for the first time! Still not doing it every night but getting there!
  • went on his first boat ride – baby life jackets are ridiculous
  • watched his first fireworks show on the 4th. He was mesmerized!
  • super cheeseball. He’s always giving us open-mouthed grins.
  • his eyelashes have tripled in length and featheriness. Seriously I’m jealous.
  • prefers napping on his belly {when he’s not sleeping on your chest} but will go to bed on his back if he’s swaddled.
  • is an expert at smacking his pacifier out of his own mouth
  • always has a death grip on my shirt when he’s nursing

And here are some additionally adorable photos from this week’s photoshoot!

blowing raspberries back at daddy

om nom nom bowtie

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