Stuff I forgot about newborns

They sleep all the time…except for when you want them to.
I’m constantly reminding myself that I don’t have to entertain HG during the day and that he has no concept of ‘bed time’.

Their little noggins smell amazing.
Is there anything better than the sweet smell of a newborn?

They go through diapers like nobody’s business.
Seriously, HG pitches a fit if he has the tiniest skid mark in his diaper. i.e. lots of changes to avoid banshee cries.

They have full body spasms when they are spooked, even in their sleep.
Bump the bouncer and watch as his arms shoot up in the air like that surprise kitty video.

They attract more strangers than baby bumps.
And if you thought strangers patting your pregnant tummy was invasive, wait until they stick their head in the carseat to see your new bundle of joy… then watch mamabear come out in full force.

They make the best faces when they smile.
Don’t you wish you knew what was going on in their little noggins?

They will root on anything.
HG roots on his hands, his blankets, his daddy, you name it.

They are so needy.
Seriously… you can’t do anything on your own? 😉

Their cries sound like cats fighting.
Oh, is that just my kid?

They are precious enough to make all the sleepless nights and spit-up covered shirts so worth it.

 Until next time…

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