Nursery/Guest Room Update

You may remember a month or so back I shared a photo of our navy blue guest room and mentioned my intentions of transforming it into a nursery/guest room for baby boy’s arrival. Then I shared some floor plan options on how to make the transition work. I received a lot of great feedback from you all here and on Facebook and after much deliberation {and a professional consultation from my expert furniture re-arranger: my mother} I finally picked the layout that works best for the room and its future inhabitant. So one day last week while K was napping I dove head-first into shifting it all around. I have to say… I LOVE IT!

As I’ve mentioned before, the room is quite small and it’s hard to get a decent photo {I’ll try to get a panoramic shot when it’s all done} but here’s a peak into how it all looks now!

As you can see, I went with layout #2 from the three options I created on Eventually the crib will go in the back corner parallel with the bed. Pigs decided to be a placeholder in the top left photo. Such a generous pup.

It’s a tighter squeeze than I’d thought because I needed to pull the bed out slightly from the wall so that if two people are visiting they don’t have to climb across the bed to get in on that side. You do have to step past/over the ottoman to get to the crib, but it’s what I had to work with considering the size of the room.
One of my favorite parts of the room is the new closet/changing area. I moved the small dresser from the back corner of the room to the closet and it fits perfectly. There’s just enough room for the changing pad to fit and the shelf that was already in the closet is a great height for my diaper/wipe basket. Plus all of his clothes will be within reach so I can do all of his changing in one area. K’s changing table was on the opposite side of the room from her closet so I always had to get her clothes ready before I went to change her. Not a huge inconvenience, but it will be nice to have it all at arm’s-length. There is plenty of room next to the dresser to add a laundry basket and trash can as well.

The filing cabinet that was in the closet turned out to be a great height for an additional shelf/lamp stand right by the door. You can see the corner of it poking out in the bottom left photo. I’m still deciding if I like it there {and will definitely be making some kind of slip cover for it, as well as adding some cushion to the crazy sharp corners} but once we get the crib in place it will be easier to see if it fits anywhere else. Possibly up against the window as a nightstand for the bed.

So, with the exception of the crib and a few more decorative touches, the room is just about ready for baby boy! Here’s an updated checklist on its progress:

1. paint room 
2. remove large dresser 
3. remove sliding mirror doors from closet 
3. empty closet 
4. move small dresser inside closet for changing area
5. bring glider/ottoman in from K’s room 
7. Paint small nightstand {maybe}
8. Slip cover for filing cabinet
9. Add wall art
10. Add baby 🙂

So, what do you think of the new layout? Any additional suggestions on optimizing the space?

Until next time…

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