Proof of God’s Plan

As Christians we always hear and talk about God having a plan for our lives. Sometimes we focus on that part of our faith as a way of getting through a difficult situation {i.e. “God has a plan, everything will work out”} and other times we use it as an affirmation when things seem to fall perfectly into place.  Personally I can’t remember a time where I’ve been presented with undeniable PROOF of God’s plan for my life. That sounds a little ridiculous when I think about it because I’ve had countless blessings in my life that can only be credited to the path He has laid out for me. From how I met Z to the timing of K’s birth, it all seemed perfectly planned. But as far as an instance where I can look back on something that happened years ago and can clearly see God’s influence, as if He’s surrounding a particular event with flashing neon lights that say, “See this? Remember when this happened? Now you know why.”

Well, I’ve finally seen my neon lights.

I’ve been spending the last few days sifting through past blogs to weed out posts that really aren’t relevant to the direction I’m moving in. Most delete-worthy blogs didn’t even require me reading more than the title but as I worked my way further and further into the past I decided to stop and take a moment to read the very first blog I ever wrote.

It was December 9, 2009, just two months after Z and I got married. Neither of us had jobs {talk about faith} and I was applying for a social media management position that required sending in some writing samples. Since I’d never written a blog before, and was starting a new chapter of my life with a new husband in a new state, I figured starting a blog was the perfect way to create a collection of writing samples and keep my family and friends up-to-date with our lives. I had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a career, and really was just hoping for something that would give me a paycheck. And yet… my first EVER blog post is a clear example that God knew exactly what He wanted for my life.  I’ll admit it wasn’t the most eloquent of posts but it’s the topic I chose that is the most striking. First of all, I titled it Bellies and Babies and Binkies… OH MY. Slight foreshadowing? Next, I discussed the fact that pregnant women and babies seemed to follow me everywhere. Then I mention St. Elizabeth as a contender in my choice of patron saint {I was in the process of converting to Catholicism and was trying to choose which patron saint to take} which, as you know, I later went on to pick. And lastly I talk about not knowing whether or not seeing moms everywhere is a sign of things to come but that it’s at least worth paying attention to. I had no idea what was in store.

Back then I just wanted to write something decent enough to share as a sample of my work and style. Now, as a provisional Natural Childbirth Educator, unable to keep my mouth shut when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and babies,  I know it was much more than that. That blog post was the first glimpse into the path that God had laid out for my life. It just took me a few years to figure it all out.
I can’t wait to see where else His path takes me, but you can bet I’ll be much more attentive to the signs and glimpses He dishes out along the way.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Proof of God’s Plan

  1. It is so amazing when you can look back on your life and see that even when you thought things were out of your control, you were moving towards something that was greater than you could imagine. I had a similar realization last summer when I was bummed out that I don’t have a clear “career path” because I have worked a number of jobs from non-related industries. Then it occurred to me that all those experiences was just preparing me to be a writer. (Or, at least, that’s how I interpreted it.) God’s plan is so good. You have more ahead of you than you can even wrap your head around!

  2. Sara, I am so happy for you and Zech! God used the Colony to point many of us in new directions. The last night of the show, I went to “meet” Virginia Dare and at dawn at near her feet I surrendered my life to God again. Never did I expect the path out of the Gardens to lead me back to East Tennessee, a new husband, four beautiful children and a life in ministry! I’m glad you’ve seen your neon lights in the rear view mirror. Now the trick is for all of us to see the road signs he puts in front of us and not be distracted by those of the world.

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