From the mouth of my babe…

Anyone who has a 2-year old can probably tell you how much of a chatter box he/she is. There is a constant conversation going on at all times and you {mom and dad} may or may not even be involved in it. K is no different. She has conversations with us, herself, her toys, the dogs, the TV, her coloring book, you name it. I’ve been impressed with her verbal skills for a while and she’s a pretty skilled talker. Yes, I’m her mama and I’m biased, but still. Even if words aren’t crystal clear I can understand what she wants and what she’s talking about 90% of the time. Obviously as she learns new words and how to form them we come across some unknowns but she’s still only 2 and soaking in new words all the time so that’s to be expected.

One of my favorite parts of her chatter is her silly pronunciation of certain words. So I thought I’d take a minute not only to brag on the Bean but share some of my favorite pronunciations. See if you can tell what she’s trying to say before reading the translation!

How it sounds: kink – ku
What she’s saying: thank you

How it sounds:  sue me
What she’s saying: excuse me

How it sounds: pee – pul
What she’s saying: purple

How it sounds: recess
What she’s saying: Princess

How it sounds: Sasa
What she’s saying: Spencer

How it sounds:  buh – p
What she’s saying: burp

How it sounds: eye – sween
What she’s saying: ice cream

How it sounds: foon
What she’s saying: spoon

How it sounds: gwee daddy – used to just be ‘wee’ daddy but she’s getting the hang of it
What she’s saying: granddaddy

How it sounds:  Busy – da
What she’s saying: Buster

How it sounds: abu – ca – doo
What she’s saying: avocado

How it sounds: e – oonj
What she’s saying: orange

How it sounds:  kinkle kinkle
What she’s saying: twinkle twinkle

And my personal favorite…

How it sounds: beebee – tootie
What she’s saying: Ratatouille

Goodness I love this girl. She keeps me laughing. Do your little ones have some fun pronunciations that make you smile?

Until next time… 

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