Pumpkin Update… 6 months

Another month, another bump photo, another update on pumpkin thus far!

Oh lordy I need a haircut… let’s focus on that growing bump, eh?

Month 6 was filled with a lot of new developments! Looking back at my last few updates I realize that I have a tendency to ramble about life in general over baby-specific talk.  Maybe that’s why it always takes me to long to get these updates shared…. maybe… so to make sure I get this posted in time and don’t keep you reading for an hour I’ll try to keep it pregnancy centered!

One of the newer developments in month six was the arrival of sciatic nerve and hip pain. The sciatic pain isn’t all the time, not that painful – more annoying, and it’s fairly easy to get rid of in the moment so I can’t complain but so much. It’s generally on my right side {my go-to side when I hold K} and if I can lay down on my left side I’m able to relieve the pressure and reduce or remove the pain. It’s something new from my pregnancy with K so worth noting in the end I suppose. As for the hip pain, I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Also not frequent and not unbearable, but obnoxious and more difficult to relieve.

I was really excited when I watched my tummy ‘jump’ for the first time! Kicks have been getting stronger and stronger and as we grow together I get to see his little dance parties happen first hand. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s really fun to set things like my phone on my belly and see how long it takes him to knock it off. “He’s gonna be a little socca playa”

During our trip to Va for Christmas/New Years I did have a few bouts of morning sickness. The first day seemed really random after day 2 I realized that it was caused by me drinking orange juice first thing in the morning. I thought I felt a cold coming on so I was trying to boost my vitamin C but baby boy has been used to hot chocolate first thing and was clearly thrown off by the acid of the orange juice. Lesson learned. Hot chocolate before OJ always. Pumpkin knows what’s really good for him 😉

I am slowly watching my belly button pop which I’m not too pumped about. I’m really shocked at how fast it’s happening this time considering it NEVER popped with K. I guess it’s how low he’s riding that’s putting more focus on that part of my tummy.

I also had my glucose test this week and I have to tell you people, I’m officially one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind and, dare I say, likes, the glucola drink they have you chug. I liked the orange last time and I liked the red this time. I actually had a better overall experience with the blood drawing and jittery feeling. Most likely because I didn’t have a 2 year old to help distract me from it all last time. While I was trying to tell myself not to feel lightheaded when they took my blood last time, I was focused on K not seeing them draw it this time. End result… no lightheadedness! I did accompany K during her nap today when the sugar crash hit me but I was expecting that and, quite frankly, benefited from catching a few extra z’s.

All in all I’m feeling pretty great at this point in the pregnancy. My midwife says I’m measuring a little small {I don’t see how that’s possible} but I measured small with K the entire time and she credits it to how low he is. I have a ton of energy and am nesting big time! I got the nursery painted with the help of my dear friend Andrea… she helped me paint K’s room too… and was on such a kick that I also painted our master bathroom. Now I want to paint ALL THE ROOMS. Here’s to three more happy and healthy months!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Update… 6 months

  1. You’re so cute! Are you finding that your stomach looks different the second time around? I’ve been told I’m more football-shaped rather than completely round.

    Month 6 brought sciatica and hip pain for me, too. : / I just started going to a chiropractor a few weeks ago (TW shares an office space with one, so I just head down there), and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

    Looking forward to seeing more updates as you get into the final trimester!

    • Thank you my dear! I’m not too different from the first time, growing out and down thankfully. Just lower all around. I feel like my belly button has been gradually turning upwards as I grow!
      I need to look into a chiropractor but our copay for them is ridiculous and I’m having a hard time justifying it if I can relieve some of it myself. Can’t believe how fast it’s all going!

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