Pumpkin Update…

Once again, I’m late in getting this update out (I’m currently 24 weeks).  I could just blame Christmas but that feels a little too blasphemous. I suppose it’s become a habit, but at least I’m getting them out at all! It’s been a busy month!

Strange to think we have to back track all the way to Thanksgiving for what’s happened in my 5th month. *My dates are slightly skewed but I’m taking photos on the 22nd of each month since that’s when I took my first photo.* As I mentioned in K’s most recent update, Thanksgiving was wonderful! Very low-key and small. The month that followed was a huge challenge for me nutrition-wise since our refrigerator decided to call it quits and Sears did nothing but give us the run-around – they still are, in fact! We tossed the perishable stuff and took advantage of the cold weather by keeping most essentials outside in coolers. When all the Turkey Day leftovers were gone and things warmed up a little we bought a mini-frig which, if you can remember back to college days, does’t provide a lot of room for anything remotely healthy. But we made it through and the people at Kroger came to know me by name during my daily trips for dinner supplies. I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t give in to my urge to fill that mini-frig with Yoohoo! and relive some of my college days.

We had our 20 week ultrasound and super fun silly string gender reveal {follow the link and read all about it} which was a blast and we are so excited to be adding a bouncing baby boy to our family circus. K is excited about ‘bay-beee bwado’ and I even managed to snag my first collection of little boy clothes at our local Once Upon A Child. YAY for consignment!

At about the same time we learned we were having a boy, his movement really ‘kicked’ into high gear! Kicks, punches and stretches galore! Z was even able to feel his first kick… well his first parade of kicks. And just like his sister did, Pumpkin prefers to wait until I’ve totally relaxed in bed just before falling asleep to have a dance party. I joked that from all the trouble he gave me in my first trimester that he’ll be a handful and now I’m convinced. This little boy is going to be trouble! I can’t wait 🙂

There’s not too much else to report from the last month which I suppose is a good thing. I have my glucose test in a couple of weeks which is SUPER exciting. I decided to go for the red sugar juice this time since I had orange with K. Color me rebellious.

Since there is little to report I thought I’d pull some of the survey questions from last time around, just for fun.

*How far along? 22 weeks in the photo, 24 weeks now

*Total weight gain/loss: Do people really check this anymore?

*How big is baby?  About the size of an ear of corn!

*Belly Button in or out? Mostly in but I have a feeling it will pop this time around. :/ It’s already facing up a little since baby boy is riding low, leaving me with a happy little belly button pool whenever I get out of the shower. Yes, I’m a psycho for finding joy in that.

*Wedding rings on or off? Still on – due in part to my fingers’ magical shrinking skills when the temperature gets below 70 degrees

*Sleep? Falling asleep is easy, despite the dance party in my belly, waking up to pee is less fun – especially since it’s freezing and there’s nothing worse than lifting those warm covers off to an arctic chill!

Until next time…

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram! where you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of the bump outside of these monthly posts! Plus there’s lost of Bean photos and I’m sure I’ll be sharing plenty of nursery sneak peaks soon!

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