These last three months have been filled with lots of fun and new discoveries for The Bean. It helped that we hit all the holidays along the way, but even so, there is lots to report so I’d better dive right in.


Obviously the most ‘exciting’ event in October was Halloween and Keelin’s first time trick-or-treating. I brainstormed a lot about a family costume that would be easy {and cheap} to make and after a friend of Z’s suggested he take on the role of his Disney doppelganger, Flynn Ryder we finally landed on a Tangled family costume. A quick trip to Goodwill and my very first attempt at sewing an actual outfit and we were in business! She had a great time going house to house and ‘knock knock knock’ ing on all the doors! And mom and dad loved the candy she scored! Yes, we ate our daughter’s Halloween candy.

We also started preparing for potty training in October. I learned early on that it’s all about baby steps considering we faced some initial fear of the toilet. In other words, I bought some potty seats {the ones that sit on top of your normal toilet, not the individual mini-potties} and we practiced just sitting on the potty every day. I had to use counting and reciting the alphabet to keep her calm at first but eventually she warmed up to the idea and got pretty excited about going to sit on the potty. She even had a tiny tinkle that I celebrated like she’d just won the gold medal at the Olympics! More on potty training in a bit…


My heart melted a little bit in November when I got my first return ‘I love you’ from the Bean. My goodness, the first time a mother hears that, even if it is in toddler talk, is one of the best moments. One that I’ll not soon forget!

We had a great time celebrating K’s cousin Spencer’s 1st birthday with a monkey-themed party at the playground! K was queen of the slide and loved spending the day with her cousin.

I was a little worried she might try to steamroll his present-opening and cake-smashing but she kept her distance and let him have the much deserved spotlight for the day. Part of that may have been because she had the start of a cold that would, in the coming days, take both Z and myself OUT of commission. Z managed to get over his portion of “the plague” in about 2 days but mine knocked me on my butt for about 2 weeks. Pregnancy certainly does make it tough to get better when you can’t take much of anything for the common cold! Thankfully K was able to spend some quality time with her aunt and uncle on one of the worst days so we didn’t risk passing anything back to her.

K’s new favorite word became the dreaded NO. We talked early on about how happy and fortunate we were that she latched on to the word “yes” as her go-to response for just about everything but the tables turned and “no” became her response for just about everything. Oh boy.

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key since Z had to work {no rest for thee that serenade dolphins} but we had a great time with my brother and Z’s brother. A full-on “sibling” Thanksgiving. K was extremely fascinated by the turkey and insisted on checking on it a few dozen times throughout the cooking process. Maybe we have a little chef on our hands!

There’s something really fun and special about the “parrot” stage of toddlerhood. Especially when it comes to little ones picking up the phrases that WE say, sometimes without even realizing it. K has started imputing “ummm…” into her answers when she doesn’t have an immediate response to give.

Me: Keelin, where are the doggies?
K: Ummm… {looks around} Ouside!

It’s so sweet and innocent and apparently something she picked up from me. When she started saying it to us I asked Z where he thought she got it from and he just laughed. For the next three days any time I would start a sentence with, “Ummm” he would just point and laugh at me. Guilty as charged.

After a recent and SUCCESSFUL hunting trip where Z came back with a freezer full of deer meat {yum} we learned that K is a venison fanatic. She is usually really picky about eating meat – and often leaves it on her plate untouched – but she devoured it every way I served it. Venison chili, done. Venison burgers, done. Grilled venison tenderloin, done. I was a proud mama. And a little jealous that pumpkin made it so it was more difficult for me to enjoy one of my favorite meats.

Lastly, and like most of the world, K became obsessed with “What does the Fox say?”. The song, the video, everything about it she loved. Whenever Z or I would sit down at the computer she would run over to us, gaze longingly at the screen, tilt her head and smile before saying, “Fox?”.  Try to resist the cuteness. Needless to say, it played at least once a day in our house for a few weeks and she would jump and dance around the house for the length of the song.


We learned K will be getting a baby brother! I’ve been trying to get her to say ‘baby brother’ and although she’s appeased me a few times she mainly just giggles at me. Surely she’s imagining all the mischief they are going to get into together! I’m so excited! Be sure you check out our silly gender reveal video if you haven’t already.

In preparation for the arrival of baby Jesus at Christmas, K started having some major prayer time this month! We always pray before meals, and she reminds us if we forget, as well as before bed. But recently she’s started coming up to me during random times of the day, rambling off a bit of toddler gibberish, and finishing her sentence with “amen”. I’m in love with it. Especially because she has a big cheesy grin on her face the whole time like she’s so proud of herself for saying a prayer like mommy and daddy. God really did bless us with this little girl!

Christmas 2013 was absolutely wonderful! We were able to have it in 2-parts and spend it with both Z’s side of the family here at home and my side of the family during a week-long trip to Va. K loved spending time with our families and got some really fun gifts including a Step2 Kitchen, a vintage baby doll, lots of sweet clothes, books and a battery-operated toddler-sized mini cooper {her “big gift” from Z and I}. We couldn’t resist and love the reaction it brought. We don’t have much room in the house, and the weather hasn’t really allowed us to get full use out of it yet, but she does enjoy trying to run the dogs over in the living room every now and then! She got a little overwhelmed on Christmas day when we had 24 people from my dad’s side of the family join us for Christmas dinner. Some new faces, and plenty she’d met before but hadn’t seen for a while, so she was a bit shy and clingy throughout the day but overall had a great time.

The day after Christmas I noticed she was being overly fussy, clingy, etc. with a slight cough and and flushed cheeks so I checked her temp to be safe and she was at just over 102. Of course panic set in because we were away from home and our pediatrician, during the holidays, and were supposed to have a fun little birthday party for her the following day. Unfortunately her fever didn’t break until the next morning {she had double the naps and slept from 5pm to 8am} so we decided it would be safer for the other kids at the party if we cancelled. I was probably the most upset, but had I been the parent of one of the children attending the party, I would have appreciated the caution – especially with so many sicknesses floating around this time of year. Luckily the place we’d reserved for the party, Romp n’ Roll, told us that we had until 2041 to reschedule. Yes, 2041. We triple checked. So when K is my age and has kids of her own, she can take THEM to play. Regardless of having to cancel the party and miss fun with new friends, we had a nice relaxing day celebrating 2 years in Bean-ville. And of course finished the day with a few more presents, some “YUUUMMMY CAAAAAKE” as K puts it, and lots of love from the whole family.

More Fun Facts

Thanks to lots of alphabet books, bath toys, magnets, and Super Why! K is an alphabet wiz! She doesn’t recite it all in order yet, just in pieces, but she knows every letter and loves spelling out words that she sees on book covers, clothes, food boxes, you name it.

She’s also big into counting. If she’s focused she can count through to 13 at which point she repeats 13 a few times as if it’s the appropriate number in the sequence. When she’s not as focused or counting fast she usually skips 4 and jumps straight to 5 which thankfully now actually sounds like FIVE instead of FAK. Yes I admit to sending videos to friends of her saying 1-2-3-4-fak. It was innocent and adorable and I laughed. You would have too.

She loves giving ‘nose kisses’ and will giggle as soon as you touch your nose to hers. She usually ends up grabbing your head in excitement to press her face into yours but at least it starts out as a sweet ‘eskimo kiss’.

Super Why! {aka SUH-WHY} is her all time favorite. I don’t let her watch much TV but since I’m working part time I do take advantage of educational programing from time to time so I can sneak in a little work. She ADORES Super Why! and gets a kick out of all the songs and participation that goes along with each show.

Her “terrible two” streaks seem to come in waves. Most days she’s pretty great but every now and then it seems like she’s just over it all and nothing will make her happy. She’s definitely started testing her limits and will watch us as she does something she knows she’s not supposed to do. Needless to say time-outs have become a more frequent event as of late. Sometimes when she knows she’s done something wrong she will put herself in time-out and then start. It’s those moments that we have to look away to keep from laughing.

She has become a certified jump-a-holic. It seems to be like her own personal form of dancing and she’ll get a burst of energy and bounce all around the house. Her Go Go bought her a mini trampoline for her birthday that hasn’t come in yet but I know she will get plenty of use out of it once it’s here. If we can only find the room for it in the house!

We’re almost at a full set of teeth once her back molars completely surface! We brought her amber teething necklace back a few days just before Christmas when I noticed her tugging on her cheeks saying “ouch” All four are coming in at once and have almost completely surfaced!

It’s hard to believe she’s actually 2 but this is such a fun age we are trying to soak in every moment of it, good and bad! I’m not sure how I’m going to continue K’s updates for year 2, but I really rely on posts like these as a place to look back on fun facts. I may just stick with filling you in on fun adventures and new discoveries as they happen. I’ll most likely share a 2 1/2  update and of course give you the down-low on how she is when new baby brother arrives!

As for now, we are loving our silly, smart, sweet little 2-year old and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store! I made a quick video of the past year using flipagram that I thought I’d share to close out those longer-then-normal blog. Think of it as a treat for staying with me through all my rambling!

Until next time…

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