Drumroll please…

We had our ultrasound last week and Pumpkin was taking after his/her sister in MANY ways: bouncing like a bean, kicking the ultrasound wand, sucking his/her thumb, and tugging on his/her ear. It was such a relief to see my sweet baby and hear such a powerhouse heartbeat since my anxiety has been on the high side these last few weeks, wanting to make sure he/she is healthy and on track.  The technician said everything looked beautiful and I’m right in line with my ‘due date’ = heart instantly warmed.

We got some adorable photos of him/her waving and posing in all sorts of sweet positions, and as requested the technician told me to look away while she checked out Pumpkin’s downstairs. Z wanted to see if he could tell what the ultrasound read so he watched but I closed my eyes. We did get a “gender revealing” photo that she kindly camouflaged in sweet footprint paper, the photo that would be the key to our gender reveal party which took place on Saturday amongst a few family and friends, including Gammie and Granddaddy via Skype!

I really wanted to do something special for the reveal and because our house is filled with Christmas sweets, something that DIDN’T involve blue or pink cake… much to Z’s disappointment. I searched around pinterest for something fun and found a few new parents who opted for a very fun and unique reveal technique. But I’ll just let you watch the video instead of explaining it all in text… cause what fun would that be.

Without further ado… baby Pumpkin is a…

a BOY!

We are so thrilled, and despite scaring the daylights out of Keelin with the loud {and stinky} silly string storm, she’s excited too!

Props to all of you who guessed bouncing boy!

Until next time…

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