Just some thoughts… just because…

My biggest driving pet peeve is when people BLOCK intersections during traffic. Yes, I’m one of those patient souls who waits at the stop light to make sure that I can make it all the way across before it turns red. For those of you who don’t also follow this rule, and end up getting in my way because you tried to sneak through the light at the moment it turned red… you stink.

I often have a hard time looking people in the eye when I’m talking to them… specifically when I’m the one speaking. I don’t know if it’s my mom instincts to always be monitoring my surroundings {aka making sure The Bean isn’t making a mess somewhere} or if I just have that little focus.

I think if you’re going to volunteer to be a Salvation Army Red Bucket bell-ringer, you should at least smile and PRETEND you want to be there. No one wants to donate to a sour puss with a stink eye.

Sometimes  I miss getting blatant spam comments on my blog because the broken English and mish-mosh sentence phrasing are always so entertaining to read.

We learn if pumpkin is a little boy or little girl in less than a week. That’s pretty awesome.

I love using Shutterfly for Christmas cards and love the quality and speed they provide. But it’s really obnoxious that there isn’t an option between ordering 50 and 75 cards. I need like 52 this year and every year my list grows by like one because another cousin has gotten married.

I will forever be jealous of Keelin for getting to be a flower girl in my cousin’s wedding. I always wanted to be a flower girl… so I’m going to live vicariously through her next year. Is that strange?

The idea that I will probably be ‘too old’ for the new technology of my kids’ generation is crazy. My mom just got her first smart phone and while I find it really easy to walk her through the basic usage I know that in 20 years when K has some crazy microchip cell phone that also does her laundry, projects movies onto her retinas and organizes her closet like Cher from Clueless, it will be me who is scratching my head asking her “So how do you turn this thing on?”

My passion for the various things in my life {work-wise} comes in waves. I get rushes of excitement when I’m knee-deep in certain projects and then can easily shift to something new, losing some of the luster of my last passion. It’s not gone, just on hold. That’s why the idea of having the same job for more than a year gives me anxiety. I get bored fast and my passion for my work dwindles.

Every time I watch Chocolat… which is often… I consider what it would cost to go to chocolate school. There is such a thing as chocolate school right? If not there should be. Ok culinary school. Or pastry school. But mostly the chocolate part of the two.

That’s all
Until next time… 

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