First Trimester Fast Forward – Part 2

As promised… the final 4 weeks of my first trimester!

Week 9

  • Some of the morning sickness/nausea backed off which I’m really excited about. Still getting smacked with rushes of nausea throughout the day but it’s not debilitating me like it used to. Hoping I’m over the hump! Since I’ve been feeling a little better I’ve stopped the zofran all together.
  • Fewer food aversions. I’m able to sneak some chicken and other protein into my diet if I hide it with other tasty things like ranch dressing, buffalo sauce, and CHEESE.
  • First late night craving. Saw a donut commercial on TV while catching up with our Hulu shows so I sent the hubs to Krispy Kreme at 9:30pm. MMMM hot donuts.
  • Another monthly bump photo… p.s. I hope you enjoy getting to know my bedroom door/door knob. This is the closest thing I have to a bare wall in my house so you’ll be seeing it a lot.

Week 10

  • Shared the news with my grandparents. 🙂
  • Still feeling pretty exhausted but I can make it through some days without a nap. I’d much rather be napping but it’s allowed me to get some more work done during the day.
  • Spent a full weekend (Thursday through Sunday) away from Z and K, at The Bradley Method workshop. It was exhausting but rewarding, and I really had to work hard to eat well and feel well through each 14-hour day. Even took a few naps in my car during lunch and dinner breaks… after eating of course.
  • {TMI ALERT} My boobs are growing like kudzu and are sore most days. At least I’m able to fill out my bra again!

Week 11

  • Feeling pretty good as long as I keep food in my stomach
  • Getting REALLY excited to announce our news and planning a fun FALL-themed announcement.
  • Bought a GIANT tumbler from Starbucks to help me with my water intake during the day. Seriously it’s enormous and amazing.
  • A few days of bad nausea again. Thought I was totally over the hump but I guess not.  Maybe I just started taking advantage of feeling good and fell off the healthy habit wagon. Still not as bad as it was at the beginning and I’m able to avoid medication. Still finding it tough to get enough protein in my diet. Spoonfuls of peanut butter are my best friend.
  • Heard the heartbeat for the first time! It took a while for her to find it {thanks to my rock hard abs, no doubt} but I definitely shed some tears once she said, “hello baby” and I could hear it loud and clear! Such an amazing and favorite moment!
  • Was also given an “official” due date of April 27. This is based on the well-known yet totally out of date 40-week gestation. Now many medical journals have come out saying it’s more like 41 and 1 day while others are saying a 5 week pocket around your due date, 2 1/2 weeks before and after, is a closer estimation. But for the sake of having a date to tell people… because they always want to know… April 27
  • Late night baths are officially a weekly staple for me. So calming and relaxing.

Week 12

  • Announced our news to a few more friends personally and then shared it with THE WORLD… i.e. Facebook and the blogosphere.
  • The hubs and I celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary at our favorite “fancy” restaurant
  • Having a hard time staying comfy {and asleep} at night. Lots of shifting around at at least one mid-night trip to the loo. Definitely happening earlier this time around than it did with K.

From here on out…

I probably… who am I kidding… definitely won’t be sharing weekly bump photos, but I will be taking monthly pictures in the same long t-shirt and sharing updates along the way. At first I felt a little bad about not keeping up with bump photos and stats on a weekly basis like I did with Keelin but then I remembered that my life is totally different now and this is a totally different baby. This baby has already sent me on a completely new adventure and I want this experience to be unique to him or her. And yes, we will be finding out the gender. I’ll be sure to fill you in! We may even do a fun gender reveal doo-dad… it’s all still up in the air!

I’m also think of something fun to do to document baby #2’s first year, much like I did with Keelin’s weekly onesie photos. Although I don’t think another 52 yards of fabric are in our future… again, keeping things unique for the new bebe.

I am excited to think that sharing the little milestones along our adventure could help me get back into the swing of things in terms of blogging!

Until next time…

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