First Trimester Fast Forward – Part 1

Since we didn’t publicly share our happy news until the 2nd trimester it seems only fitting that I fill you all in on the last 12 weeks. Because you’re obviously DYING to know every detail, right? Every nauseous morning and quirky craving. Every mood swing and night sweat. I can hear you all chanting, “TELL US ALL THE PREGNANCY THINGS” through your computers.

All jokes aside I realize that most of this info is pretty useless to a lot of people, but when I was first pregnant, and even this second time around, I found it really helpful to read personal accounts of fellow preggos. Reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting is great but hearing it from the horse’s {bad term to use when talking about a pregnant lady, I know} mouth is always comforting. So maybe someone will stumble upon this and every other preggo update I give you and find out that their crazy symptom isn’t so crazy after all. Plus, because I seem to be much better at tracking milestones on here than in an actual baby book, it’s nice to look back and remember when…

Week 4

  • Found out we were expecting our 2nd little miracle!
  • Took my 2nd, first bump photo… taking them monthly this time around.
  • Shared the news with the hubs {more details on that in a later post!}
  • Feeling great!

Week 5

  • Had our confirmation appointment. Was still early so not much to see but my midwife said “You’re definitely pregnant” as soon as she pulled up the ultrasound. Said baby was a sesame seed! Snagged the first ultrasound photo, which Keelin loves to call “baby”. Heart melts every time!
  • Shared the news with my brother and sister-in-law
  • Shared the news with my parents
  • Shared the news with Z’s parents and brother {all stories for another post}

Week 6

  • Like clockwork {i.e. just like with Keelin} symptoms kick in. Morning sickness… er all-day nausea… is kicking me in the butt. I’m basically out of commission until around 11:00am. Then I get in enough of a rhythm to struggle through the day.
  • It’s much harder to deal with when you have a toddler running around.
  • Extreme exhaustion also kicked in. I used to look forward to Keelin’s nap time so I could get work done. Now I look forward to it so I can nap as well!
  • Food aversion is also in full swing… and fierce! The foods I am not totally grossed out by: chips and salsa, toast, mac n cheese {most days}, bananas, and chocolate milk. The foods I get all blurgy just thinking about: basically everything else in the food pyramid.

Week 7

  • All day nausea and exhaustion are still in full effect.
  • We have a new morning routine that consists if me eating crackers immediately after waking up while Z gets Keelin up and changed. Z will then begin his usual morning routine and Keelin will run into our room, climb onto the bed {assisted} and enjoy a little morning cracker time with mommy. It’s pretty adorable and makes for plenty of bed crumbs.
  • Struggling with the balance between the need to feed myself, fight hunger when it kicks in, and the fact that nothing is REALLY appetizing.
  • Saw the heartbeat for the first time! Sweetest little flutter in the world.
  • Shared the news with more friends.
  • First battle with insomnia. {as I write this part at 4:30am… WIDE awake} definitely different from last pregnancy. Thankfully all 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy are available to keep me company on Netflix

Week 8

  • Our midwife gave me a Rx for generic Zofran to help with my nausea since it is basically keeping me from getting enough anything to eat. I’m NOT a fan of medication in general, especially during pregnancy (hello natural birth advocate here), but I weighed the risks and decided that I needed my strength to be a good mother to Keelin and baby needs nourishment so after doing way too much research and saying lots of prayers, I caved. Miracle drug, let me tell you.
  • {TMI ALERT} Only downside to Zofran… constipation. By this point my struggles have turned to choosing between feeling bad and not having enough in my stomach to poop and feeling ok {thanks to the meds} but not being able to poop.  *cue sappy music* MAKING A HUMAN IS HARD WORK! PUH.

To avoid making this a super long and boring post… too late?… I’ll leave the last 4 weeks for a another day. In the mean time, YAY for new babies and new pregnancies and sharing way too much about my bodily functions!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “First Trimester Fast Forward – Part 1

  1. I DO want to know all the pregnancy things! So funny what your aversions are/were. Agree all the way on bananas. G eats one every morning and peeling it for him is just awful. Other aversions: chicken (couldn’t even hear the word), Greek yogurt, mayo. Blech.

    Can’t wait to get more updates!

    • see… glad I’m not the only one! Made a delicious sausage and veggie dinner last night and had to choke it down because by the time I was done cooking it I was so sick to my stomach.

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