When should 3 become 4?

Fact: I had guests ask me when Z and I were going to have a baby during our wedding reception. Yep. True.
Fact: I wasn’t the least bit shocked that almost as soon as Keelin was born a few of people starting asking us about baby #2.
Fact: Now that Keelin is almost 2, much more than just a few people have started asking about baby #2. Like pretty much everyone who asks how old Keelin is follows with, “time to start thinking about number two, right?”
Fact: The proverbial “Itch” has been present for quite a while.

As any mom can tell you, deciding when to add to your family can be a daunting process. Unless you’re confident enough to pull a Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger and just breed like bunnies {more power to you… we could use more intelligent people in this world} there’s a lot that goes into ‘planning’ for a baby. Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd, or 18th {ouch} there’s SO MUCH to consider. Moms… am I right?

For starters you have to decide if you WANT a baby. And this is no place to compromise with your significant other. Either you both want kids or you don’t. Convincing someone who doesn’t like kids, let alone want one of their own, that they’ll love THEIR child once he/she is here isn’t the best strategy. While I don’t doubt the love will be there in some manner, it will probably be accompanied by some other, well, less than appealing emotions as well. I’m not speaking from experience here but it was pretty evident when Callie got pregnant with Mark Sloane’s baby and Arizona was like WAY PISSED…

Any Grey’s fans out there? Just me? Alright moving on…

Something else you have to consider is are you actually ABLE to add to your family. I’m not talking about how your innards are working but if you can afford to feed another mouth. Now I know everyone says that if you wait until you can afford a child to have one, you’ll never have one, which is true. But if neither of you have a job {i.e. no income}, you’re being evicted from your house, and the mouse that lives next door just stole your last cube of cheese, it might be best to hold off for a little while longer.

Personally, Z and I are looking at where we will physically be in the next year/two years, and if it will be conducive to another baby. He’s looking into grad school which will most likely take us to another state so we have to think about if we want to move with a newborn. On the other hand, we want a boat-load of kids so we’re deciding if waiting to avoid a move also means we should wait until after he’s done with grad school. It would stink if he had to miss a final exam because I was in labor.  Eep… that could be a while. Then there’s the question of whether or not grad school will pan out at all or if his acting career will pick up enough to keep us where we are. In that case maybe we should just jump on the stick and get to it.  WHAT TO DO?!?!? Now I realize that planning a pregnancy around life events is much like my previous statement of planning one around financial stability. None of us would ever have kids because there are so many surprises and “I don’t knows” in the future. *cough* government shutdown *cough* So unless you’re pals with Doc Brown and have a time-space-continuum DeLorean that can tell you what’s coming at you, you basically just have to decide what you want and trust in yourself.

As for Z and me, we don’t know exactly what God has in store for us in the next few years and what that means for what our family will be doing, what our financial status will look like, and even what state we’ll be living in. All we know is that we do want a boat-load of kids, we’re so obsessed with our first, and God will take care of us… so  we welcome any adventure another might bring.

Fact: Baby #2 arrives Spring 2014

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