It’s Business… It’s Business Time.

All you Flight of the Concord fans may have read that title and automatically thought of this…

… you’re welcome. And while Jermaine’s nighttime riff-raff is well worth chatting about, I’d rather talk about a different kind of business. Mine. Welcome to self-promotion 101.

I’ve mentioned one of my side jobs a few times before {here and here} but for those of you who don’t know, I own a quaint little shop on Etsy called theKeenBean. Inspired by a particular little girl you may know and launched in October of 2012. I’ve been selling a few things there and there, mostly through Facebook auctions and custom orders from friends. But as most small business owners will also say, more more more please, someone buy my stuff!  I mean, more business is always better.  So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone today by praising my creative genius, craftsmanship, and eye for design. Yes, I’m sharing a SUPER self promotion post.

I realize as someone who blogs about their life and constantly calls attention to themselves might sound a bit like… well… a liar, when they say it’s not in their comfort zone to toot their own horn.  So lemme splain.

I’m beyond willing to toot away when it comes to my family, friends, and life experiences. The truth is, most of those things I can’t actually take credit for,  I’m just able to talk about. But when it comes to promoting something that is 100% me… I get a little nervous. I’ve never been a decent sales person. I’m probably one of the worst self-advertisers in the world because I don’t like walking up to strangers saying “I make these great things and I think they are great and I think you would think they’re great so I’m going to give you my card and then go home and pray that you look me up and buy one of my great things cause that would be just great.” Yeah. Just can’t do it.  I’ve missed many an opportunity to pass along a card or just put a bug in someone’s ear about one of the things I actually do think {to myself and rarely out loud} I’m good at. SO… because I’m determined to make better use of this blog I thought I could start by raising my horn high and toot toot tooting it!

You guys should totally check out, and buy from if you’re feeling inclined, theKeenBean.

I’m incredibly proud of my tiny little shop and think more people should know about it.  I started making hair accessories {headbands and clips} just before K was born. I fell so in love with the process, and started running out of room for them all, that I decided to share my designs and begin creating for ladies both young and old! With sizes available from newborn to adult and styles varying with each season there is something for everyone. A lot of hair accessory shops focus on ribbon bows but, while they are also adorable, I prefer using fun and colorful fabric flowers in funky combinations. You’ll never find something dull in my shop and may even find yourself falling in love with an unexpected pattern pairing! I never fully duplicate designs so you can be sure that your piece fits my catch phrase; one of a kind, handmade with love. I truly LOVE making these and nothing is more rewarding than seeing them on the heads of your sweet little ones… being accompanied by a smile is an added bonus.

I’ve also tapped into jewelry {earrings}, custom onesies for little gents, some knit creations, and adjustable nursing covers for breastfeeding moms but that’s only the beginning. The list of “ADD TO THE SHOP” items is never ending!

But the only way I can continue watching my business grow is if I can get more of my products out into the world. Hence this shameless plea for everyone who reads this to hop over to theKeenBean’s facebooketsy, or Pinterest board and help me spread the word. Like a photo, share something with a friend, favorite something you like, repin repin repin. I did say it was a shameless plea, didn’t I?

So, I’m hoping off my podium of persuasion and passing the torch to you! I’ve blabbed and blabbed so you’ll buy, buy, buy!  {like how I did that?} I plan on hosting a few contests/giveaways featuring theKeenBean items in the coming months and I’ll be sure to share them here!  But for now I leave you with my deepest gratitude for current and future support.

Until next time… 

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