21 months… An Update

Time for another update on the bean… who coincidently is more like a bean pole these days!
Our growing girl has changed so much in the last three months, I’m truly amazed looking back at where she was in June. Since do much has changed I’d better jump right in and fill you in!

  • Celebrated the marriage of my dear friend Laura. Technically this was in June but within K’s 18th month so I’ll list it here!
  • One day while QUICKLY grabbing something from our bedroom I forgot to shut the gate at the bottom of the stairs. I grabbed what I needed and turned around to find Keelin standing next to me, at which point I realized that she made it up the stairs by herself which I knew she was capable of but had never actually done without me walking behind her “JUST IN CASE”. There may have been tears.
  • There is no such thing as crawling up or down the steps any more. K insists on holding our hands and the railing as she WALKS up the steps. Oh boy.
  • She loves reading and finding the little quirks in the pictures. She has an LMNOPeas book that has a tiny ladybug on every page and she loves searching for it, pointing to it, and gasping as if to say, “Look, I found it!” Impressive and adorable.
  • She calls most animals by the noise they make, not by their names!
  • Some new words include shark and star. And she’s started referring to herself as “Dee Dee”. Who knows where that came from!





  • 2nd Beach trip to Ocean Isle, NC – Keelin was FEARLESS in the water. She would RUN toward the waves with reckless abandonment but it did take her a few days to be OK with sand on her hands. What a little priss-pot. She also tans freakishly well. She started looking like a little Italian baby on the first day. Needless to say mama was jealous.
  • Helped celebrate the marriage of my dear friend Megan. It was the first wedding K attended and she sat so nicely – with the help of her Sesame Street coloring book! She had a blast at the reception and danced the night away!
  • New Words: Elmo, “All Done” {for the longest time it was just a broken-up “da da”}, Poop {hooray!}, Cookie {as in Monster}, GiGi {my grandmother}, GoGo {what we call Z’s mom}
  • Went to her first Atlanta Brave’s game! LOVED every minute of it, performed a perfect Braves ‘CHOP’, and outlasted the adults!
  • First time baking with mama. It was a mess but lots of fun, although I think she liked playing in the sink suds during clean up best of all.
  • Her hair made it to official ponytail length. I could get it tied back before but now it actually sits nicely on her head and is too adorable.
  • She’ll count to three and say “A-B-C”, but only when she feels like it.
  • LOVES singing along to her favorite tunes.
  • We bought a time out stool. It sits in the corner of the living room and she knows exactly what it’s for. Generally she’s trying to get up from the stool when she’s actually put in time out but sometimes if I reprimand her or make her mad she’ll march over and put herself in time out. All I can do is try not to burst into laughter.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 10.08.16 PM


DSC_0968 IMG_2564 IMG_2553


  • New favorite words/phrases: some – usually with an upward inflection like she’s asking, “Can I have some?”, fly, sky, eyebrow, wolf – complete with wolf-like howl, thank you {I cannot get over how cute it is to hear, “Dank a baba” when I hand her something she wants} Pop Pop {Z’s grandfather}, pee pee… potty training here we come!, Abby {Cadabby from Sesame Street}, Rasta and Bowie {our friend’s dogs} baaaaa {sheep}, up please, stop, whale.
  • Met her cousin… errr, my cousin, Morgan.
  • We joined a local MOMS CLUB which I’m really excited about. New friends and new chances to get out of the house. She’s been doing great with other kids!
  • First modeling Go-See. What a disaster. That’s a whole other blog post in and of itself!
  • First baby doll. Seems like a milestone for some reason, especially since my mom managed to find one that’s pretty cute and not incredibly creepy like most.
  • She loves saying “Yeah”. You ask her just about anything and she’ll respond with a very quick and deliberate, “Yeah”. However she’s also started differentiating between the things she does and doesn’t want/like. She’ll shake her head ‘no’ when she doesn’t want what you’re offering her.
  • Visited Catch Air for the first time. AWESOME place. Another topic worthy of its own blog post… so stay tuned!
  • Loves sliding down the steps on her tummy.
  • Ownership understanding. She’ll point to something and tell you who it belongs to. Mostly she likes bringing me a pair of my shoes and says, “baba’s shooos”. Love it.
  • Got her first kiss! A 4-year old boy named Cole laid one on her while saying goodbye after a play group. He was QUITE the gentleman and even asked her if she wanted the hug and kiss from him before making his move. Chivalry is not lost people!
  • First trip to the zoo. She was pretty timid of the larger animals and wouldn’t let me put her down so I got zero photos.
  • She’ll finally smile for the camera. She’s been such a moody model in the last few months but I’ve finally gotten her to smile for a photo when asked. And, of course, her smiles aren’t complete without sound effects: ‘eeeeeeeeeee’.
  • She’s got the family guy “mama” bit down pat. She continues saying our names until we look at her.

I’m a little shocked at the fact that the next Keelin update will be when she’s 2 years old. HOLY MOLY!

Until next time…

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