18 months…an update

So remember that time I said I was going to give you an 18 month update on the Bean… like a month ago. Well I’m finally getting around to posting it, complete with adorable photos! Enjoy.

Holy catfish, a year and a half! There’s something truly exciting about being able to transition from “How old is your daughter?” “15, 16, 17 months” to “A year and a half.” Very exciting, but very terrifying. How is it that our little Bean is such an old lady already? I’m truly amazed at how much she has grown in just three months and I have to tell you I got a little choked up just looking back through photos to share. Kids really do grow up so fast {I’m sure no one has ever told you that before} and I’m in disbelief at how much she’s changed and grown.

As per my new ritual I’m here to share some of the more major happenings in Bean-ville over the last three months. Partially to keep family and friends updates and partially so I can look back when I finally get around to completing her baby book. Shame on me, right?


  • Met her cousin Spencer James. She LOVED gently patting his head and pointing to his nose. While there were a few bouts of jealousy when I had him in my arms for the most part she was a loving and accepting cousin. Makes me excited to see her as a big sister some day. 
  • Met mommy’s friends’ babies – Ezra and Morgan. Had a lovely playdate at my parents house in Va.
  • Celebrated 1 year of using cloth diapers! WOOHOO! Still in love with our Sunbaby diapers!
  • First time in the nursery at church – she did great!
  • Gives BIG MOUTH BASS kisses. When you ask for a kiss she opens her mouth wide and runs at you like she’s going to eat your face. It’s both frightening and adorable.
  • Visited Michigan for the first time and met Z’s grandmother. The 15-hour over-night travel to-and-from was not what I {or she} would call fun but spending time with family we don’t often get to see was well worth it!
  • Her ever-expanding vocabulary and ‘call and response’ has evolved to include variations on meow, woof, bow wow, moo, ah ah {monkey, duh}, and a very convincing growl that fits lions, tigers, and bears {OH MY!}
  • Blowing kisses to everyone she meets. Better watch out for that.
  • Had her first tea party… with her daddy! 🙂


  • More vocabulary! This little lady is becoming quite the talker and loves to tell us stories about everything that’s going on around her! Hopefully one day soon I’ll actually be able to know what she’s saying when she runs up to me, points behind her, and enthusiastically jibber-jabs with her eyebrows raised like “this is important mom!”
  • First scraped knee – she didn’t really notice it until she saw it {classic} and would fuss every time she noticed it again! I’m sure it didn’t help that mean old mommy poured hydrogen peroxide on it. That was a cry face I’ll never forget. Took me about 3 hours and a box of girl scout cookies to recover from that heartbreak.
  • Another 3 teeth arrived – bringing our total to 14 chompers
  • Squirmy worm makes diaper changes more and more difficult. I have to sing the ABC’s {she babbles along} to keep her entertained enough to change her!
  • Counting to three = “wuu, deh, dee!”
  • 1st fever – 103.7. Totally freaked me out but went away pretty fast.
  • First carousel ride. She LOVED it and giggled through the whole thing.
  • Another visit to the Renaissance festival. Keelin was mesmerized by the whip cracking performance.
  • Welcomed her Uncle Shawn back to the East Coast!
  • Someone turned into a super climber this month! She’s gained some hulk-like courage and has started climbing up on everything. I even took a video of her scaling the back of the couch plopping down on the couch cushions, rolling to the floor and doing it all over again.
  • Eating meals is overrated. She prefers snacks ALL DAY LONG and is constantly running to and pointing at the pantry door so I’ll get her a fruit/veggie pouch. I swear those things are the most brilliant invention for toddlers.
  • Played in paint! I had her finger paint picture frames for my mom and MIL for Mother’s Day. They turned out great and she had a messy blast! I have a feeling this will be a reoccurring activity!
  • Visited her first interactive pet store and played with some super sweet pups. Hooray for FREE entertainment!


  • Started sharing the spotlight when my brother’s family {wife and 7 month old} moved in. She loves her cousin “Sasa” and has even taken to crawling more around the house because she sees him doing it!
  • Met her first set of twins in a play date with a super sweet family that my sister-in-law knew from LA. Learning to SHARE.
  • Her BIG MOUTH BASS kisses have evolved to a sweet pucker with sound effects. “ahhhhhhoooooooooooowaah”.
  • Dressed up as the Barely Balanced performers for the 2nd year in a row during our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival.
  • Had her toenails painted for the first time – she was watching me paint mine on my birthday and I couldn’t resist after she sat down next to me and pushed her tiny toes toward the polish bottle.
  • Seeing glimpses of the terrible twos!
  • She made her first attempt at riding the dogs like horses. It didn’t last long as both of them scoot out from under her as soon as she puts her weight on them. At least they are sweet about it.
  • First time RUNNING in our grass. Our back yard was heinous so we tilled it up and laid sod. It took a solid month of daily watering to get it nice and set in but she was able to run and play for the first time. One of the main reasons we did the renovation! {pictures to come once the whole yard is complete}
  • Suffered our first family death when my grandfather passed away. While the family spent time sharing memories and celebrating his life I was so happy that she didn’t have to feel the pain of loss.

Other random fun:

  • She gets the hiccups when she laughs too much – just like her mama
  • She LOVES wearing her daisy shoes.
  • Riding in the car may be the most painful thing in the world. I blame the 15 hour trip to Michigan for totally tainting her carseat experience. She seriously loathes it.
  • For some reason “mama” has become “baba”. At lease it’s not “dada” and she’s actually saying it on a consistant basis, but what’s up with the letter replacement kid? I will get an incredibly heartbreaking “mommmyyyyyy” if she’s upset or has hurt herself. Even though the circumstances aren’t ideal it’s my favorite.
  • She LOVES running to her daddy when he comes home from work.
  • Now that my brother’s family has moved into their own apartment Keelin really misses her cousin. She shows it by pointing at every baby she sees {including photos of herself as an infant} and calling them “Sasa”.

Well, there ya have it. A brief (albiet late) update on the bean as of 18 months.
In an attempt NOT to be late with her 21 month update I’ve already started jotting down July superlatives. Good thing considering the month is almost over. Sheesh summer, buy a girl a drink first, you’re moving awfully fast.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “18 months…an update

  1. I had been wondering what was going on in the Land of Bean! She is adorable and that picture of her with the paint is amazing….I may need to do that project myself! I’m so sorry to hear about y’all’s loss. My husband’s father passed away too while we were expecting C, and you’re so right that knowing that the babies aren’t aware of the loss of life gives a difficult, sad situation a silver lining.

    • Thanks dear, it’s hard to believe she’s so big already! Hope you and your fam are doing well!
      I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my favorite blogs lately so I’ll have to double back on yours 🙂

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