4 More Hours

You always hear people talking about needing “more hours in the day”. I know I’ve said it on many occasions, especially since having a baby. And unless you’re a lazy-pants-mc-lounge-face, you would probably agree. Most of us have too few hours in the day that actually allow us to get things done. Whether it’s with your job, leisure activities, or just spending time with your family, what we have is never enough. Personally I think it’s good not having ‘enough time’ because it means we are striving for more. Wanting more time to do the things we love. Or at least wanting more time to get the things we DON’T LOVE done, so we can focus on the things we DO love. Right?
*Yes, Sara, I couldn’t have typed it better myself*
Great… I’m glad you agree.

Well after much contemplation and with the help of some wise friends and fellow mammas, that when it comes to that ambiguous term “more” , I think four hours would be just enough. Four more hours, whether they are spread out in bits and piece throughout the day or chunked together at a specific time, that will allow us to get those things done that we normally don’t have the time for. Allow me to walk you through the thought process that brought me to the magic number 4. And yes, it will be as riveting as I know you are expecting.

1 hour is just pointless, you could easily collect an extra hour by slightly shifting the time you wake up and go to bed.  2 hours would be too few, because if you really sit and think about the things you need more time for, a measly two hours just wouldn’t cut it.
3 hours might work but I’m just not a fan of odd numbers. Unless, of course, they are being used in a situation where design or pattern is involved in which case I say odd it up!
5 hours is too much and we’d probably be so tired by the end of a 29 hour day that we’d fall asleep early and fail to take advantage of the time.
4 is practically perfect in every way {much like Mary Poppins} because it can be easily split up throughout the day… two hours here, two hours there… and if you were to cut your day into chunks based on meal time (assuming you are a breakfast, lunch, and dinner eater) there are basically two 4-hour chunks in the day when you aren’t preparing for or finishing up a meal. And if you’re anything like me, I’m useless when I’m hungry or recovering from a food coma, so plotting my day around food is totally acceptable.

See? Four just works. Oh and how…
In a moment of alone time {rare} during Keelin’s nap one day last week I started really thinking about all the things I could do with four more hours in a day. These hours would obviously need to be just for me, i.e. no toddler chasing, and they’d vary in terms of where they were needed during a day and how {if} I split them up. Cleaning would definitely be a must on the list of things I would do to take up my additional moments of living. Work and creating things for theKeenBean would fall in there somewhere obviously but that’s kind of given. Oh, and I’d finally have time to BLOG MORE {woot} What else?
Well first of all, I’d spend more time planning. Since becoming a mom I’m kind of boring. Scratch that, really boring. It takes someone else suggesting something fun to do, followed by me debating whether it’s worth packing up Keelin’s diaper bag for, in order for me to get my butt out of the house most days. I’m not lazy, but when you’re a WAHM and any time you leave that house you’re having to think up about 20 different scenarios for how your errand could possibly go, so you can make sure you’re as prepared as possible, sometimes it’s just easier to stay in. But with 4 more hours I could actually get a calendar out, talk to friends, and plan events for each week. I wouldn’t be scurrying around at the last-minute when someone invites me to a playdate in the park, only to realize that I’d forgotten wipes when we get there. Sounds good right?
I’d also plan more creative meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it. While turkey burgers and grilled chicken breast are delish, I could use a little pizazz in the kitchen so standing in front of the stove isn’t such a mundane task. Along with planning creative meals I’d like more time to plan how to have said creative meals without spending an arm and a leg. I’m telling ya people, the idea of eating nothing but Ramen starts looking real sweet when the final price flashes on the screen at the grocery store. Money budgeting… more hours in the day would definitely help with that.
I’d also love more time to reconnect with friends and family. I’m terrible at keeping in touch and my current love-hate relationship with Facebook has me wanting to reach out to good friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I LOVE writing and getting snail mail {shame it’s a dying art} so I’d love to have 4 quiet, uninterrupted hours to just sit and write to loved ones. Awwwwwww.
I’m sure I’d think of about a bazillion more things if given the opportunity but I’ve taken up enough of your time already. Kudos to you for sticking through my rambles thus far!

Ok, so there you have it. The rhyme and reason behind needing 4, no more, no less, extra hours in the day. Let’s make it happen. Is there some kind of petition we can sign? I kid, I kid. But it would be nice from time to time, right?
Although lets he honest, if we actually did have four more hours in a day we’d probably be content for like a year and then find ourselves wanting even more tacked on because as humans we are never fully satisfied.  But for the sake of having something to blog about… I’m sticking with 4… for now.

How many hours would you need? What would you fill them with? Tell me all the things!!!!

Until next time…

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