Giveaway Winner!!!

This will be short and sweet so you can focus on your WEEKEND but it’s time to award some swag!

First I want to thank everyone who entered last week’s giveaway for TheKeenBean. I was seriously only expecting like three people to enter but there was a great turn out! So without further gilding the lily {name that movie} I’m excited to announce the winner of HER CHOICE of Ready to Ship item on TheKeenBean’s Facebook is…


CONGRATULATIONS MAMA! I can’t wait to see C modeling her new swag!  Message me on FB and I’ll get you squared away!

I really appreciate the love and plan on having many more giveaways in the future! WOOT!

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. Is this me?! Omgosh? Maybe not? I react very strongly to “Emily P” because P is my maiden initial and because I am obviously I am the only person in the entire world whose child has “C” as a first initial ;D

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