Where did my baby go?

1 year is such a fun age.
I’m pretty sure I’ve thought that every 3 months since Keelin was born but seriously, 1 year is SUCH a fun age.

I find so much pleasure in watching Keelin entertain herself with books and toys and X-Box remotes. I was inspired to write this blog after spending about 10 minutes just stalking watching her “be” in the corner of the living room. As she explored her big basket of books {I feel like it should have its own name… B-cubed perhaps} I could see the wheels turning in that sweet {75th percentile} dome of hers. Leaning up against the giant stuffed elephant we got her as a birthday gift, sifting through dozens of books to find her favorites, I am in awe of how much she has grown in just a year.

I was in a little bit of denial when she turned a year because people start calling their kids “toddlers” instead of “babies” at that point. No way. She’s still a baby. She will obviously always be MY baby but still a baby-baby, right? There is no way my daughter has surpassed the title of ‘baby’. But no. She’s not just a baby. She’s a smart, silly, walking – sometimes running, cut up who loves to scrunch her face up and giggle for no reason, snuggle with all members of the family {two-legged and four-legged}, throw all of her stuffed animals out of her crib during each nap, bring me the same book to read to her at least 20 times in the span of an hour, remove her socks at every possible opportunity, toss her bibs into the trash can, press the button on her Veggie Tales “God Made You Special” book over and over again just so she can ‘dance’ to Junior Asparagus’ pitchy-tune, and eat dinner ONLY when she’s having the same things Z and I are having.

She’s definitely not “just” a baby any more. She’s my little girl. She’ll be a ‘big girl’ in no time. And then she’ll be a college grad, engaged to a sweet guy who asked her father for her hand in marriage, a new owner of a great dane puppy with an affinity for eating her shoes, planning to move across the country to start a new stage in her life. Woah.

Is it me or did this just get sappy? Oh well.
Perhaps it’s the start of a new year and the loss of a loved one that has me taking the time to really appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with in this moment.  I’m gonna run with it.

And just to keep things from being TOO sappy… here’s proof of one of the above mentioned habits my little girl enjoys…

caught in the act

Caught in the act compliments of my iPhone… the bibs on the floor were actually ones I’d just pulled OUT of the trash. She decided I was mistaken by removing them and needed to remedy the situation. Stinker. Please notice the sock that is only a few shuffles away from coming off.

Until next time… 


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