Merry Christmas…




2012 Christmas Card…from our family to yours!

And in the spirit of giving and sharing, I’d like to SHARE this fun blog and post from Z’s cousin. She tagged me in a “Christmas Wishes” post a few weeks ago and I completely let it slip my mind. But what better day to discuss Christmas wishes than on Christmas! {I’m writing this on Christmas Eve so technically my ‘wishes’ are still ahead of the game! Although the rules are to pass it along to other bloggers but I’m afraid I’m a little late for that. Alas}

Here’s the basic premise… if Santa were real, what would I wish for? Come up with 5 things… GO!

I wish…

1. … that Keelin ‘s new cough {yuck} doesn’t keep her from having a wonderfully exciting first Christmas and 1st birthday – and that she tears into her presents with the same ferocity and joy that I’ve been picturing in my head!

2. … that Z and I will always be able to set an example for Keelin and our future children, so they fully understand the true meaning of Christmas and how important it is to keep family and friends close to our hearts.

3. … that 2013 turns out to be a year of success and personal growth for our family… and YOURS!

4. … that the families have effected by the many tragedies of 2012, whether they were public like Super Storm Sandy and the CT shooting or private like the loss of a loved one, would be comforted and brought peace and hope this Christmas.

5. {and for one slightly more shallow than the rest}… that the hundreds of cookies I devour this Christmas will not expand my waist, only the joy in my heart.

Merry Christmas everyone!




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