50 weeks

It feels so strange that our little bitty is into the 50’s in her weekly onesie count, and even more strange that I’m finally getting to use the Christmas fabric I bought LAST YEAR. I got some Christmas-y fabric about a month before Keelin was born, being that I was CONVINCED she was going to arrive before Christmas. It didn’t feel right using it after the holiday so I decided to keep it around for this year. Keelin is obviously loving her fabric this week as I was able to snap a relatively clear pic mid-giggle.

Things have gotten quite festive here in the Pierce household. Along with the tiny stash of decorations I bust out each year, we got our Christmas tree up! Keelin was in total awe and stood in front of it pointing and babbling away. It was as if she was describing it’s GLORY to me. Definitely a memory I will never forget. She seemed to be more interested in the tree itself than all the lights and sparkles from the ornaments… that was until she noticed some ornaments that had yet to be hung that were in reaching distance. Our evening of tree decorating was partnered with trying to catch our little thief mid-snatch. Seriously. Klepto.

On the walking front,  The Bean is still pitter pattering all over the house, running laps around the couch, sneaking into the kitchen when mom and dad are not looking, and stealing anything she can get her hands on. I love that this has become the norm. This is SUCH a fun age! Crawling is still a thing of the past except for when she needs to get her hands on something to pull up. She CAN  stand up on her own but prefers to have a little support. I think it’s because 98% of the time she has something {stolen} in one or both of her hands and it’s a little more tricky to find her balance as she stands. So she’ll crawl over to something nearby… which is often one of the dogs… and give herself a little support. But the solo-stand is happening more often so I have a feeling that pulling up will soon be a thing of the past too.

By far my FAVORITE new thing is that Keelin gives kisses. She’s such an affectionate, snuggly little girl and because her mama is always smoochin on her cheeks, she’s started joining in. If you make a kiss noise at her or actually ask her for ‘kisses’ she will open her mouth, stick out her tongue, and lean toward you for the sweetest, sloppiest, messiest, full-of-love kiss you’ll ever have. It is beyond adorable and I can’t get enough.

But enough about us… what’s up with you. Have you given/received any super sloppy kisses lately? Or maybe stood in awe of the majesty of your Christmas tree? What’s up folks?

Until next time…

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