Guest Blogger: Lauren the Military Mama

A very dear friend of mine {she was actually a guest blogger here before!} recently announced that she and her husband are expecting baby boy #2! They already have a beautiful son who is a ball of energy just like his mama and I’m positive #2 will be just as sweet and spunky!

I reached out to her to see if she would be willing to do another guest spot talking about what it’s like wrangling one little man AND cookin’ another! She had some problems toward the end of her first pregnancy that resulted in an emergency c-section and some time in the NICU for her sweet boy, Connor. Obviously she is taking extra precautions with pregnancy #2 to ensure a healthy and safe delivery. BUT… enough jib-jab from me, I’ll let her tell you about her experience as an almost mother of 2!

Hill family portrait

I can remember being pregnant with Connor, my first son, and thinking “how do mom’s do it a second time?” Especially on days when I was incredibly exhausted and slept on the couch all day watching movies. I thought, “man, this is hard.” Once the first trimester was over, I regained energy and sort of forgot how exhausting and nauseating the first few months of pregnancy are. (I am sure after I have this next little boy, I will also be quickly reminded how tough the first few months with a newborn are)!
I can tell you that one of the pros (and maybe cons) of being pregnant with the second baby is how fast the time goes by. I almost halfway through this pregnancy, and I have no clue where the time went. Well, I know about weeks 6-13 were spent with me on the couch watching Madagascar 2 on repeat, and my son whining because he just wanted to play. Talk about the guilt that was already setting in. One thing I am having a hard time with is the fact that I have to realize that I am, in fact, pregnant, and I have to be careful and “take it easy.” I can’t just pick up my 30 lb toddler without thinking, “bend your knees so you don’t strain.” I went to pick up Connor the other day, and as soon as I picked him up I wanted to kick myself. I pulled something and cramped all day long, and then I spotted. When I called my doctor, they sent me to the ER because he was in surgery. 4 hours later, and I was sent home with a “your baby is fine and take it easy.” We had the ultrasound which showed him bouncing off the walls (literally). I was so mad at myself, but when your toddler holds their arms up for you to hold them, you don’t think twice about it. I will now.
You know how when you are pregnant with your first, your nursery is already planned out by 20 weeks, your stroller is picked out, and you have already bought clothes? Yeah, well, I haven’t done anything! Probably, in part, because it’s the Christmas season and we now have a kid to buy for. But, mainly, because by the end of the day when I have time to sit down and look up cute nursery ideas and double strollers, I’m just too tired. (Thank God for Pinterest)! The great thing about another boy is that Austin (my baby in the womb) will be born the same season Connor was! How’s that for financial planning?? I’m pumped! Because we all learn after the first baby that there are several outfits that Connor wore one time… or didn’t wear at all.
I can’t say that Connor is excited about his baby brother though. He is only 19 months, and when we ask him if he is excited about getting a brother, he answers with “NO!” But that is his answer to just about everything except, “are you hungry?” or “did you poop?” Of course I am worried about how Connor will feel already, but it’s too late for that, right? I know that in time, Connor is going to be an awesome big brother, and it will be a big adjustment, but most families have more than one child. At some point, most kids gain a sibling, and everyone gets through it.
I haven’t gotten through this pregnancy yet, but my advice to any second time pregnant mom is to just take a deep breath and enjoy it. They say that “the best gift you can give your child is a sibling.” I forgot how miserable the first few months are, and I forgot how hard a newborn can be. The one thing I did not and will not ever forget is the feeling I got when I heard that first cry, saw my son’s beautiful face, and held him for the first time. That isn’t a coincidence you know. I cannot wait to have two beautiful children to stare at and Thank God for on a daily basis.

I can’t wait to see how Lauren and her family adjust to this beautiful new life and I’m incredibly thankful that she would share a few thoughts on being pregnant with a toddler! She has a sweet little blog where she keeps her friends and family updated on her progress so feel free to check her out there!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Lauren the Military Mama

  1. I had my boys 18 months apart. It was very difficult but is also incredibly rewarding. You learn not to feel guilty about taking shortcuts because the easy way is usually the right way, that your love grows exponentially, and that they won’t remember the really bad stuff that keeps you up at night worrying. It’s all better the second time, but everything moves in hyper-speed.
    My advice to all 2nd time moms; a little dirt is good for their health, a belly laugh solves everything, and Its OK if you don’t know what you are doing or how you got here; none of us do. Oh, and if you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself (no makeup, workout clothes that have never seen exercise but are covered in stains, hair growing out of places we shall not mention, and a lions mane for hair), turn the mirror around and get on with life. They love you just they way you are.

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