49 weeks

Hair clip off, holding toes, mouth in mid-raspberry. Perfect picture to capture this tiny person and huge personality!

The Bean has been a non-stop ball of action this week and has been keeping Z and I on our toes. Her walking has turned into a wide-stride RUN and she’s become a pro at somersaults. Not on her own, mind you, she requires an obstacle for her most impressive tricks. One of two preferred obstacles to be specific. The first is one or both of the dogs. She LOVES snuggling with them, it’s too cute for words. But when she isn’t laying on top of them she ‘ll tuck her chin and do a sort of gentle headbutt before going forehead to the ground and sprawling out beneath or right next to them. The pups are so great with her and generally just look up at one of us like “seriously what is this kid doing”. But they let her climb, lay, pull up, and drool all over them. The true definition of puppy love!
Her second, and more hilarious, obstacle of choice is… me. I tend to be a bit fidgety when lounging around in the living room so from time to time I’ll lay on the floor. And now that we’re utilizing the fireplace a little more I’m always on my tummy with my feet by the fire. Keelin apparently sees my floor lounging as an opportunity to practice her acrobatic skills. She will walk up to one side of me, kneel down, put her tummy on my back, and push her self up and over. Her face hits the floor first, of course, but she tucks her head and rolls all the way over me. It’s hysterical. And this isn’t a one and done type of activity. She’ll spend 10 minutes going back and forth over my back. She’ll walk away to scope out something else in the house and come back for another few tumbles. I’m looking into the age minimum for the Olympic trials

Along with her fabulous acrobatic skills, Keelin has become quite the conversationalist. We have no idea what she’s trying to say, but she has very specific inflection with everything she says. Especially while reading or playing in the tub. It cracks me up when her tone gets really excited and ‘matter of fact’ and then she looks at me as if to say, “know what I mean, Mom?” Adorable. It really makes you wonder how much she’s absorbed in the last 11 months and what kind of conversation she’s actually having in her head.

Also, the hubs and I have come to the conclusion that we have created a kleptomaniac. Every time we blink she’s got a hold of the pen we were just writing with, any one of our half dozen remotes, my slippers, the towel that hangs on the stove in the kitchen, either or both of our phones, my work clipboard, Z’s sheet music, or my personal favorite, Z’s wallet. Once she grabs his wallet it’s only a matter of time before the living room is scattered with credit cards. What I’m trying to say is that if you come to visit, you may want to leave any and all personal belongings in the car. She will steal them, and hide them, in a totally different part of the house from where she got them.

In other news, we are getting our CHRISTMAS TREE this week! Hoping to snap some pictures while we ‘shop and chop’ so I can get some Christmas cards made. {Maybe if I tell you all that I’m planning on making Christmas cards this year, the likelihood of it actually happening will go up because you can hold me accountable! Or I’ll let time slip by too fast and not be able to get them out in time for Christmas day so I’ll forget about it all together. Either way, we’re getting a tree.}

Until next time…

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