Giveaway Monday: The Meraki Menagerie

Happy Monday everyone! Time for another fantastic giveaway! I know… exciting, right? It seems that my giveaways have found a theme of starting on Mondays so why not make it official with a “Giveaway Monday” title.

This one comes from another new etsy shop and a very talented, super hysterical, undeniably beautiful friend of mine. I am happy to spread the love and brag on Hilari and The Meraki Menagerie. Hilari and I met in college when she BLEW MY MIND with her dancing talent at auditions for our college dance company. She’s a tiny little fireball of energy and enthusiasm and I simply adore her. Plus she is an avid Harry Potter fan and can quote the Hunger Games bad lip reading video like its her job. Yeah, she’s awesomesauce. But I’ll let her tell you a little more about herself and her fantastic shop! Meet Hilari!

If I could spend every day creating new things, I definitely would! The best days are those during which I can devote some time to making gifts or pieces for someone. I recently developed a love for wrapping anything I can find in wire. I have a love of all things art, however, my great love lies in painting! I opened my Etsy in early October and have truly enjoyed adding a bit of a business side to my life long hobby of crafting. We’ll see where it goes!

I graduated last May with a degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Aside from perpetually filling my schedule with art related to-do lists, I drink a lot of herbal tea, watch Harry Potter, and play with my blue eyed bunny, Sullivan.

She’s adorable, right?

Hilari has been kind enough to give LITT… readers the chance to win THEIR CHOICE of one of her beautifully creative Guitar String bracelets {the ones listed as “featured items” on her Etsy page}. I’m seriously in love with these gems… they are gorgeous.

As usual, entering is easy! Simply use the Rafflecopter link below and earn as many entries as you want! More entries mean more chances to win, so don’t stop with just one! Once you enter, just cross your fingers and hope that you’re the winner!
The giveaway will run through Sunday, December 9th and the winner will be announced on Monday the 10th! I’ll contact the winner and move forward on the road to getting your bracelet! Be sure to really spread the word, these pieces are too beautiful not to brag about, and best of luck to everyone! And of course I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Hilari for hosting this fantastic giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next time…

*I’m always looking for new products and shops to brag on. If you have something you feel is worth bragging about, let me know! And if you are interested in hosting a giveaway with Life in these times… let me know by leaving a comment here, on facebook, or by tweeting me up! I love connecting with other blogs and small businesses to help spread the love!

16 thoughts on “Giveaway Monday: The Meraki Menagerie

  1. Well, I tried to leave a comment, but the link must be broken for her Etsy shop on the Rafflecopter page 😦 But I entered once! My first giveaway, I usually forget to click on them until after they’re over, haha.

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