If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it sound like my ear-piercing squeal?

Holy Moly I’m surprised I even managed to get a picture this week, sorry it’s so late in the day. Between Keelin running around at hyper-speed and my brain doing everything it possibly can NOT to shut down, it is definitely a miracle I have an update at all. Our photoshoots used to consist of me snapping away like a mad woman accumulating around 100 photos of the Bean {yes, that many} and then painstakingly sifting through them all to pick wich one I loved the best that described her attitude that past week. Now it’s more like scrambling to get her to stay still on the fabric long enough to snap about 5 decent pictures before giving up when she crawls away for the 10th time, all while praying I got a shot that isn’t a total blur. She definitely keeps things fun! PS. not sure why my photo editing made her hair look so green-y in this week’s picture. Oh well.

The biggest news in our household is that crawling is SO overrated. I am beyond amazed by this tiny person who seems to have gone from taking a few wobbly steps to high-tailing it across the room in the blink of an eye. Where did this little speed demon come from? I have to catch myself if I’m busy managing one task or another because one moment she’ll be at my feet hanging on to my pant legs and the next she’ll be trying to eat the dog’s food, ripping off one or both of her socks in the other room, or doing her darndest to see what’s inside the trash can. All thing’s she’s really good at. I swear if you were to visit my house it would look like a baby sock graveyard. They are everywhere. I put one pair on her and she shimmy’s out of one so fast and somehow manages to hide it somewhere in the house so I grab another one just so her feet aren’t cold. Then it becomes a game to see how many pairs of socks she can get on and off her feet in a day. I think our all-time high is 5 so far… and that doesn’t include repeats.  Needless to say the hubs and I are both running around like crazy trying to keep up with her.

In other news, Keelin is just such a SILLY little girl and I absolutely love it! She loves blowing raspberries {aka spitting all over my face}, splashing around in the tub, taking daddy’s credit cards out of his wallet {so wise}, and she’s a huge cut up. Any time either of us makes an odd noise, face, or movement she loses it. I have to say that baby giggles are like crack. I can’t get enough. So I may or may not intentionally look like a lunatic the majority of the day to keep her chuckling. I can’t help myself. She’s also become such a snuggly girl, and it’s the ONE thing I’ve liked about the temperature dropping. I hate cold weather and apparently Keelin does to. She’s always been a pretty snuggly kid but usually during story time, before naps, when she’s sleep, you know the usual times. Now it’s all day long, so I definitely think she has her mother’s need to be warm and meets that need through snuggles. She’ll be playing on one side of the living room and I will catch her eye and smile. Instantly she’ll be up walking toward me and when she reaches me she just lays her head on whatever part of my body she can reach. Is your heart melting yet? She’s super snuggly with the dogs too. She’ll crawl or walk over to them and just drape herself over their tummies with her cheek up against their fur. Generally such an action is followed by her saying some form of “awwwwww”. Again… heart melting? I’ll put pics up on Facebook.

I’m just so in love with this tiny human. And I don’t know what I’m going to do for 5 days away from her. ACK… can’t even think about it.

*on the “me” front… I seem to be fighting off this pesky cold {knock on wood}, have been plowing through my work load {fingers still crossed that I finish in time}, and I’ve successfully reigned in my excitement {although as NYC gets closer and closer it gets more difficult to contain!}

That’s all for us for now. I will say that I MAY BE LATE getting next week’s onesie post up. For shame… I know. I’ll be taking Keelin’s picture up at the farm but probably won’t have internet, therefore no way to post it. BUT, as soon as I get in you’ll have another adorable picture and a full report from our Turkey Day festivities… including some insight to traveling with an ACTIVE 10 {almost 11} month old.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “FOURTY-SIXie

    • you are so sweet! I have to admit its hard to believe she’ll be a year soon but I will enjoy not having to worry about weekly pictures from then on! All future kids will have to deal with something a little less… WEEKLY!

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